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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $17.99.

Book Review

The Ring Breaker

by Jeff Fleischer

In Jean Gill’s gripping historical novel "The Ring Breaker", a young man comes of age in the Viking-era Orkney Islands, navigating court intrigue, his own survival, and his confusing feelings about the jarl’s cursed ward. The book... Read More

Book Review

Albie on His Way

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Albie—a winsome mouse in red trousers—is called upon to see the king, a boorish, demanding fellow who sends him on a mission. But Albie finds himself distracted during the errand; he stops to help those in need. Miniature gray scale... Read More

Book Review

Maybe You Might

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In this allegorical tale, a girl finds a seed and decides to replenish the local earth. She is patient, caring for and nurturing the seed; when it grows and produces fruit, her neighbors pitch in. The once arid soil around them blooms at... Read More

Book Review

In the Neighborhood

by Danielle Ballantyne

A neighborhood full of anthropomorphized animals (and one ogre) lives in a tenuous sort of harmony: they all mutually ignore one another. But when Mrs. Paquita, a literal night owl, loses her internet connection, her neighbor, a... Read More

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