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Book Review

Charlie's Kid

by Mari Carlson

Honest and unvarnished, Charlie’s Kid is a story in the best sense of the word, pulsing with lessons born from difficult experiences and told out of love, not for glory. From sea to shining sea, and from crushing to smile-inducing,... Read More

Book Review

Restless Secrets

by Benjamin Welton

"Restless Secrets" is a well-wrought depiction of everyday life, even if that life is a little strange. "Restless Secrets" seamlessly weaves together three novellas about the lives of very different yet all very tough and durable women.... Read More

Book Review

Rude Awakening

by Lynn Evarts

The colonel’s concern for the men and women of the Canadian armed forces is clear as he outlines the extent to which their government neglected them. Pat Stogran’s Rude Awakening: The Government’s Secret War Against Canada’s... Read More

Book Review

Santa's Big White Chicken

by Rachel Jagareski

This delightfully silly picture book is perfect to read aloud to overstimulated children during the hectic holiday season. Louis J. Marino began telling the story of how Santa’s Big White Chicken saved Christmas at annual family... Read More

Book Review

George the Gay Lion

by Aimee Jodoin

A lion creates a “gay pride” in this vividly illustrated and uplifting story. For those who recognize the lack of LGBT-themed picture books in the market, "George the Gay Lion" will be welcomed with utter joy. The gorgeously rendered... Read More

Book Review

Drawn in Dust

by Margaret Cullison

Poets write about subjects that touch their hearts. The more universal this emotion, the wider the audience it inspires. Jane Mayes identifies poetry as the language of feelings in one of the concluding poems of her book, "Drawn in... Read More

Book Review

Between Our Ears

by Ruth Douillette

Curious about the workings of your brain but can’t deal with neuro-terminology—dendrites, axons, synapses, and such? Terry Radford’s "Between Our Ears" compares the structure of the mind to a computer software system, using a... Read More

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