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Book Review

Going to Beautiful

by Delia Stanley

In Anthony Bidulka’s novel Going to Beautiful, a widowed celebrity chef travels to a small town, where he encounters both dark secrets and uplifting surprises. Jake’s perfect life, built from his passion for cooking and several... Read More

Book Review

The Illusion of Simple

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Charles Forrest Jones’s mystery novel "The Illusion of Simple", a murder exposes a struggling community’s unsavory side. No one in Stonewall, Kansas, liked Russ very much, so his murder is met with little surprise and less sorrow.... Read More

Book Review


by Katerie Prior

In "Ripple", Jim Cosgrove recounts his investigation into the murder of a family acquaintance, which took him down a dark, supernatural trail. As a young journalist, Cosgrove returned to Kansas City and visited his childhood church.... Read More

Book Review


by Ashley Holstrom

Robert Kerbeck’s juicy memoir "Ruse" tells riveting tales about working in Hollywood and Wall Street at the same time—and about committing white collar crimes. In his twenties, Kerbeck, a struggling actor, found a job listing for a... Read More

Book Review

How We Are Translated

by Meg Nola

Concepts of ethnicity, intimacy, and identity are woven into Jessica Gaitán Johannesson’s quirky, contemplative novel "How We Are Translated". Twenty-four-year-old Kristin is a Swedish native living in Scotland. Her partner, Ciaran,... Read More

Book Review

Independence Blues

by Meg Nola

In W. B. Garvey’s expressive novel "Independence Blues", a boy and his parents travel through southern America in the 196Os, encountering racism and exclusion on repeat. Madeline and Emerson are Jamaican immigrants; their son was born... Read More

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