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Book Review

Summer Cannibals

by Meredith Grahl Counts

Melanie Hobson’s "Summer Cannibals" is a vibrant, vicious family portrait in which three adult daughters come home. The family matriarch, Margaret, has summoned everyone to rally around her very pregnant daughter, Pippa. The girls’... Read More

Book Review

No Brother, This Storm

by Matt Sutherland

Governor John Bel Edwards appointed Jack B. Bedell as Louisiana’s poet laureate in 2017; if that decision is reflective of all of his others during his time in office, he’ll go down in history as one of Louisiana’s best. This... Read More

Book Review

Citizen Illegal

by Matt Sutherland

Our president would like us to believe Mexicans are rapists, Libyans are terrorists, and a wall on the southern border will solve all our problems. His goal is to dehumanize brown- and black-skinned people, and his millions of supporters... Read More

Book Review

Panic Years

by Claire Foster

Daniel DiFranco’s intimate novel "Panic Years" follows a twelve-week tour of everywhere-but-nowhere, through tiny clubs, on filthy stages, and across long stretches of highway. Life as a gigging musician is rough. Twenty-eight-year-old... Read More

Book Review


by Linda Thorlakson

Is Merilyn Simonds’s "Refuge" a fictional memoir, a historical novel, or an exploration of the causes and results of seeking refuge? It’s all three, as it turns out, and a mystery besides. Questions hover over ninety-six-year-old... Read More

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