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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

Two outcasts from a troubled Rwandan village try to save their country in Scholastique Mukasonga’s novel "Kibogo". In the 1940s and 1950s, Rwanda faced numerous tragedies, including drought, famine, war, and continuing repression by... Read More

Book Review

Fallout Shelter

by Mari Carlson

Set during a turbulent era, "Fallout Shelter" follows as three Catholic men come of age—and as their friendships change. In Steven Schindler’s novel "Fallout Shelter", three boys from the Bronx stick together through their Catholic... Read More

Book Review

Tallstone and the City

by Aimee Jodoin

The etiological historical novel "Tallstone and the City" re-imagines the emergence of human civilization via four ambitious young hunter-gatherers. A tribe of hunter-gatherers starts an agricultural civilization in Dennis Wammack’s... Read More

Book Review

Ask the Brindled

by Matt Sutherland

Truth spoken by poets matters more simply because the poet settles for nothing but the truth, so help her Veritas, daughter of Saturn. Such vigilance is arduous, and as a queer, Indigenous Hawaiian, No’u Revilla is as singular a voice... Read More

Book Review

oh, you thought this was a date?!

by Matt Sutherland

Careening towards the apocalypse, we’d be choosy about sitting shotgun next to anyone but a poet. Who else could keep the conversation lively with brimstone on the breath? C. Russell Price, keep that seat open for us, will ya? A Lambda... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

In Lynn Sloan’s luminous novel "Midstream", a woman’s comfortable, enviable life is upended. In 1974, Polly is thirty-four. The US simmers in discontent. Vietnam protests and feminists who demand equal rights and pay are disturbing... Read More

Book Review

Going to Beautiful

by Delia Stanley

In Anthony Bidulka’s novel Going to Beautiful, a widowed celebrity chef travels to a small town, where he encounters both dark secrets and uplifting surprises. Jake’s perfect life, built from his passion for cooking and several... Read More

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