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Book Review

Signals from Saipan

by Matt Benzing

"Signals from Saipan" is a swift thriller that follows a tight-knit team through a series of exciting counter terrorism situations. Reginald Nelson’s exciting, complicated novel "Signals from Saipan" follows a vigilante team around the... Read More

Book Review

Serendipity and Craic

by Aleena Ortiz

Concerning minor and major historical arcs, the poems collected in "Serendipity and Craic" are variously knowledgeable and humorous. Alan Clegg’s religious poetry collection "Serendipity and Craic" concentrates on historical events,... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

An autobiographical odyssey from Panama to Texas, Darrel Alejandro Holnes’s poetry collection "Stepmotherland" ponders split identities through art, current events, and religion. Of African and Chocó descent, Holnes describes himself... Read More

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