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Book Review

Return of the Convict

by Scott Neuffer

The novel is in turn thrilling and thought-provoking, and has the makings of a powerful sci-fi franchise. In the year 2143, the human struggle between individual freedom and overarching social structures still exists on Earth—at least... Read More

Book Review

Dust in the Wind

by Eric Anderson

This imaginative dystopian thriller tackles present-day problems as it ventures to Mars and back. In "Dust in the Wind", William A. Hutchison explores a dystopian future beset by the effects of severe climate change. With few options... Read More

Book Review

Dyspeptic Definitions

by Gary Presley

Both philosophical and funny, this book of “definitions” is a delightful box of chocolates that can be enjoyed as an occasional treat. Igor D. Radovic offers an A-to-Z dictionary of wit and wisdom in a book readers can flip open and... Read More

Book Review

Forgemasters of the Realm

by Sheila M. Trask

Well-written sword fights and an intriguing good-elf-versus-bad-human premise make this Tolkienesque adventure colorful and engaging. Prolific fantasy author Snæbjörn extends his colorful, if somewhat chaotic, "Forgemasters of the... Read More

Book Review

Bird from Hell

by Katerie Prior

In August 2011, a New York Times article reported that, according to researchers, 85 percent of land creatures and more than 90 percent of sea creatures have yet to be discovered. That bit of news may sound strange, particularly in an... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

Caleb, Elise, Aubrey, and Derrick—young adults with troubled pasts—find themselves drawn together by mystical dreams and encounters. With Caleb’s health deteriorating from his visions, the four struggle to find out why they have... Read More

Book Review

Truth about Our Resurrection

by Gary Presley

"Truth about Our Resurrection" encompasses an evangelical Christian’s singular conception of life after death. Frederick Fuhrmaneck’s effort is relatively brief, but his ideas are sometimes dense and often require careful reading.... Read More

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