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Book Review

An Indian Legacy

In "An Indian Legacy", J.W. Dragstra’s debut novel, computer specialist Grant Somerset, retired from the US Navy, confronts his Indian heritage. Grant has long ignored this part of his past, but when a doctor diagnoses him with cancer... Read More

Book Review

The Devil's Reign

Mystical explanations are considered deep. The truth is that they are not even superficial. —Friedrich Nietzsche The Gay Science Man has looked to benevolent or malevolent supernatural forces for explanations of prosperity and... Read More

Book Review

Westinghouse Patent Pend. and Friends

Adam Dumphy’s "Westinghouse Patent Pend. and Friends" has nothing to do with light bulbs and everything to do with dim bulbs. A rollicking farcical depiction of a bumptious 18-year-old catapulted into the world by his Ma to seek his... Read More

Book Review

Full Contact Warfare

by Lawrence Kane

While the self-publishing industry has created opportunities for aspiring writers to share their creative visions with the world some works simply do not belong in the public arena. This book is an example of not-ready-for-prime-time... Read More

Book Review

Milagros y Creencias

by Jada Bradley

To paraphrase the endorsement on the back cover this Spanish language book “cannot be considered a novel in the strictest sense.” It is rather a series of connected vignettes. Valenzuela Verdugo a native of Mexico has also published... Read More

Book Review

A Great Soccer Tournament

by Todd Mercer

A Michigan soccer team under the guidance of Coach Pedro visits Hemingway country on idyllic Walloon Lake and in the nearby town of Petoskey. They’re revved up for a tournament which will test their energy and reveal their disciplined... Read More

Book Review

Mary and the Mystery Dog

It’s the month of March and still very cold—the midwinter vacation that Mary and her parents spend at their home on the beach turns out to be more than just relaxing inside by the fire. In Hanel’s excellently crafted Mary and the... Read More