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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 720 pages.

Book Review

Errant Gods

by John M. Murray

"Errant Gods" blends science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements for a compelling adventure. An ailing cop hot on the heels of a supernatural serial killer team seeks to rescue his family in "Errant Gods" by Erik Henry Vick, a unique,... Read More

Book Review

South Africa's Brave New World

by Peyton Moss

As a white student amid the 1960s surge of anti-colonial liberation movements, R.W. Johnson turned to the African National Congress’s (ANC) blend of black nationalist and Marxist ideas. His activism brought him into early contact with... Read More

Book Review


by Alex Moore

“We thank Thee, O God, for all the goodness and courage which have passed from the life of thy servant, Walter Perry Chrysler, into the lives of others, and have left the world richer for his presence,” said Reverend Underwood on... Read More