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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 70 pages.

Book Review

A Guide for Writing Teachers

by Kristine Morris

"A Guide for Writing Teachers" is a valuable resource for teachers hoping to guide their students with sensitivity. Eighty-seven percent of Americans lack basic writing skills, according to the 2012 National Assessment of Adult Literacy.... Read More

Book Review

The Light of What Comes After

by Matt Sutherland

Curiosity skilled the poet. Seemingly unwilling to rein in her interests, Jen Town’s sense of wonder and delight with what catches her attention is infectious. Her work has lit up the pages of Epoch, Crab Orchard Review, Third Coast,... Read More

Book Review

Beach Devotions

by Jeff Friend

This wonderful collection of devotionals is complemented by gorgeous photographs. In "Beach Devotions", Laura Vae Gatz uses vivid photography and engaging words to provide contemplative devotionals related to a refreshing day at the... Read More

Book Review

Poems for the Young at Heart

by James Burt

With an honest tone and real heart, Lombardo tackles the topic of love in his new collection of poetry. There are shelves and shelves of love poems in libraries around the world. In truth, it’s the most complex topic to write about... Read More

Book Review

The Sky and the Sea

by Margaret Fedder

Johnson’s intriguing collection is firmly rooted in everyday life. In "The Sky and the Sea", Kevin J. Johnson brings together poems and prose that inhabit both the mundane and the fantastic. The result is a collection that intrigues in... Read More

Book Review

The Rigid Body

by Jennifer Fandel

"The Rigid Body", Gabriel Spera’s second poetry collection, is a knockout fight against physical rigidity. While the rigid body signifies death in this collection, the poet does not limit his scope to only skin and bone, carrying... Read More

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