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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 640 pages.

Book Review

From Day to Day

by Matt Sutherland

Originally published in English by Putnam in 1949, here’s a WWII concentration camp diary, replete with atrocities and terror, but written by non-Jewish Norwegian Odd Nansen. Arrested in 1942 for helping refugees flee the Nazis,... Read More

Book Review

The Viceroys

by Meg Nola

"The Viceroys" is a fascinatingly twisted and multilayered translation of a classic Italian novel. Originally written in 1894, Federico De Roberto’s "The Viceroys" details the saga of the Uzedas, a noble Italian family of Spanish... Read More

Book Review

Imperial Requiem

by Jason Henninger

Personal letters humanize famous imperial women to bring a new perspective on World War I–era Europe. A century has passed since the First World War, a conflict that essentially marked the end of an era that began with Charlemagne. By... Read More

Book Review

The Strivers

by Jill Allen

Today, it is widely accepted that humanity must begin to explore and utilize renewable sources of energy. In Phil Wallace Payne’s debut novel, The Strivers: Adventure in Science, and Significance Forging a Fueled Future for Mankind... Read More

Book Review

Poor Richard's Lament

by Devon Shepherd

Benjamin Franklin, accomplished scientist, printer, inventor, statesman, and philosopher, and one of the most formidable (and fascinating) of the founding fathers, arguably set the course for American capitalism. In the wake of the... Read More

Book Review

Night of Denial

This author 1870—1953), who won the Nobel Prize in 1933 for his fictionalized autobiography Life of Arseniev, and whose The Elaghin Affair and Other Stories was translated by Bernard Guerney, remains too little known and appreciated in... Read More

Book Review


Robin Caton’s “B. Longing” explores the nature of desire: “The desire to live is motionless, self-protective, internal. It wraps itself around the center of itself and clings. The desire to live seeks conjunction. The desire to... Read More

Book Review

The Passion of Mary Magdalen

by Elizabeth Millard

The life of Jesus, and even some of the apostles, has been richly imagined through fiction and film, from The Da Vinci Code to The Last Temptation of Christ and Passion of the Christ. Although the role of Mary Magdalen is occasionally... Read More

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