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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 524 pages.

Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Epic in scope, "Telonaut" takes no less than Earth’s governance and all of space as its stage. "Telonaut", Matt Tyson’s science-fiction dystopia, uncovers the dark side of the new world order’s space colonization program and... Read More

Book Review

Beauty of Morality

by Lillian Brown

While it picks apart the human condition, Sully’s volume also takes time to put it back together. Pierre Edens Sully makes a strong entrance with his first volume of poetry, "Beauty of Morality". In the collection, current social... Read More

Book Review

Before The Court Of Heaven

by Karen Rigby

Period details come to life through grand-scale revolution as well as domestic minutia in this captivating story of Germany between the wars. Ernst Werner Techow, a member of Germany’s underground Organization Consul, was the driver of... Read More

Book Review

Back Step

by Eric Anderson

This fun tale of time travel to early America will appeal to military and history enthusiasts. Started by the late Master Gunnery Sergeant Burnard Winburn and completed after his death by Ralph Bates, both retired from the US Marine... Read More

Book Review

Princess Ryan's Star Marines

by J. G. Stinson

In Princess Ryan’s Star Marines, the titular military force is determined to rescue their charge, Princess Ryan, from the rebellious Grand Republic’s clutches and return her to the Holy and Universal Galactic Empire. Viceroy Dar... Read More

Book Review

Stem Cells, Cancer & Me

by Todd Mercer

John McNamara is a tenacious man. He held his own through fatherhood decades in the workplace and service in the Korean War but the supreme challenge of his life began with the words “‘Your blood work shows the possibility of... Read More

Book Review

Blood and Ink

by Anneli Rufus

Writers have been turning murder into literature since Cicero documented his own work in ancient Rome as a criminal advocate. Nevertheless, In Cold Blood is a far cry from The Mousetrap. Corpses abound and killers are caught in mystery... Read More