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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 409 pages.

Book Review

Constant Guests

by John M. Murray

"Constant Guests" is an intriguing story with an unusual narrative that artfully blends history, fantasy, and romance. "Constant Guests" by Patricia Nedelea is an ambitious genre-bending adventure through history with a surreal, yet... Read More

Book Review

Without One Plea

Imagine a world where two people in love must hide their relationship, even from their best friends and family members, may never speak of their love except behind closed doors, must refrain from expressing affection for their beloved in... Read More

Book Review

House of Deception

by Todd Mercer

Not nearly as fictional as the Warren Commission report, "House of Deception" places the blame for President Kennedy’s death squarely at the door of the Skull and Bones society and its members within the CIA. The subject matter is... Read More