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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 383 pages.

Book Review

Dead Point

by John M. Murray

In LaVonne Griffin-Valade’s spirited mystery novel "Dead Point", an officer carries the weight of her town on her shoulders while trying to solve a gruesome series of murders. After twenty years away, Maggie returns to her hometown,... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

A curse is a wish gone sour, twisted sideways, and stuck into the softest spots. Titan’s "Cursed" collects twenty skin-crawling, tooth-grinding scary and sensuous stories and lyric poems that revive traditional fairy tales and create... Read More

Book Review

Just A Guy

by Maria Siano

Sports network’s “quiet founder” addresses his troubled family in a memoir aimed at setting the record straight. Don Rasmussen recounts his role in founding the country’s major sports network in Just A Guy: An Autobiography by... Read More

Book Review

All is Well with My Soul

“He spoke and things suddenly appeared” the author writes. “What power! I hope there’s a huge screen in heaven and we can hit rewind and we can see creation. Wouldn’t that be awesome?” Vera Simpson Gaines in her devotional... Read More

Book Review

Mandalay's Child

by Rebecca Maksel

The first of a trilogy, Mandalay’s Child follows the Lal family through the turbulent events of 1941-1947. In 1941, Devi Lal, the patriarch of the family, is a successful physician in Burma. As the eldest son in a Brahmin family in the... Read More