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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 378 pages.

Book Review

Lions of the Desert

by John M. Murray

"Lions of the Desert" is a character-driven historical adventure featuring daring actions and an intense rivalry. In Samuel Marquis’s nuanced and insightful historical novel "Lions of the Desert", new information brings a tense... Read More

Book Review

The Thomas Protocol

by Joseph S. Pete

"The Thomas Protocol" is a perspective-driven thriller focused on exploring ways that the world might be improved through charity. In Kevin McIntyre’s imaginative international thriller The Thomas Protocol: The Money, vast wealth is... Read More

Book Review

Love Has No Color

by Claire Foster

"Love Has No Color" is a light interracial romance that skirts serious issues. Love is blind—and it can be deaf and dumb, too. "Love Has No Color" is an enthusiastic interracial romance that explores the taboos of black family life,... Read More

Book Review

Venom Flight

by John M. Murray

"Venom Flight" is an adventure story filled with violence, sex, romance, and humor. Alan E. Sutton’s powerful adventure story, "Venom Flight", trades between thrilling elements and wish-fulfilling world travels. Vietnam veteran John... Read More

Book Review

The Dreaming Road

by Jessie Horness

"The Dreaming Road" is a lovely tale about loss, healing, and what it means to be human. Elizabeth Moore’s "The Dreaming Road" is an autobiographically inspired novel of a mother’s journey after her young daughter’s suicide. It... Read More

Book Review

Tor's Lake

by Kristine Morris

Jennifer Mason’s Tor’s Lake is a deep dive into a dark, secret, and distorted world that holds glimmers of light at its heart. Dominatrix Elizabeth Cromwell is skilled in the use of whips, canes, and switches, when requested and... Read More

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