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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 349 pages.

Book Review

After Olympus

by Eileen Gonzalez

"After Olympus" blends fact and fiction into a spellbinding novel about what’s real, what’s not, and who decides which is which. Four men devote their lives to changing the world in Santiago Xaman’s challenging novel, "After... Read More

Book Review

The Phoenix of Florence

by Katie Asher

In search of ultimate freedom, a broken young girl transforms after a devastating tragedy in Philip Kazan’s "The Phoenix of Florence". Choosing the path of a soldier and then a master swordsman, Onoria completely abandons her former... Read More

Book Review

The Curing Room

by Savannah Dantona

Raw and disturbing, "The Curing Room" is a psychological thriller with an unforgettable twist. Michael Winn’s "The Curing Room" is a swift psychological thriller that delves into themes of mental illness, revenge, and healing. Ava is a... Read More

Book Review

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

by Cheryl Hibbard

English author Michael J. Clark’s "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" is a contrived—albeit zany and entertaining—tale, but it may miss its mark with American audiences. The main story is about two men, born and raised in New York state,... Read More

Book Review

Bullet Work

by Elizabeth Breau

Poetic ruminations about randomness punctuate the action in this mystery set on the “backside” of Fairfax Park’s racetrack: “Who would be wealthy, who would be poor? Who would have fame, who obscurity?…Into each life the second... Read More

Book Review

The Best of Adventure

by Trina Carter

"The Best of Adventure" is full of intrigue, action, mystery, danger, and daring—and this is just the first volume! The pulp magazine Adventure started 100 years ago. It became renowned for publishing top authors of the day, including... Read More

Book Review

My Life as a Spy

by Karl Helicher

John A. Walker Jr., one of America’s most notorious spies, is incarcerated in the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, where he is serving a life sentence. In 1985, Walker was arrested for selling highly classified information to... Read More

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