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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 309 pages.

Book Review

January 6th and the Millennial Horde

by Aimee Jodoin

Drawing on recent history, "January 6th and the Millennial Horde" is a satirical novel that emphasizes political hypocrisies. In Andy Lazris’s dystopian novel "January 6th and the Millennial Horde", a congressman takes drastic measures... Read More

Book Review

Upon This Pale Hill

by Jeremiah Rood

"Upon This Pale Hill" is a meditative novel that layers spiritual musings on top of millennial angst. In Patrick Ashe’s intriguing coming-of-age novel "Upon This Pale Hill", a philosophical young man hopes to make sense of his life.... Read More

Book Review

Engineering a Life

by Nancy Walker

Particularly enthralling are Bedi’s accounts of Indian culture and traditions, while his commentaries on American life, education, and politics are insightful and instructive. Krishan Bedi’s engaging memoir, "Engineering a Life",... Read More

Book Review

Getting off on Frank Sinatra

by Gary Presley

A young detective stumbles over clues in this light and amusing mystery. Megan Edwards’s Getting Off on Frank Sinatra debuts a mystery series featuring Copper Black, a newbie writer for Sin City’s newspaper, the Las Vegas Light.... Read More

Book Review

Tears and Trombones

by Hilary Daninhirsch

This highly readable, triumphant tale deserves a place on any music lover’s and book lover’s shelf. "Tears and Trombones" is the inspiring novel, based on a true story, of how one young man beat the odds to become a renowned trombone... Read More

Book Review

The Richebourg Affair

by Allyce Amidon

Parisian police commander Charlemagne Truchard is called back to his family’s vineyard in the small village of Nuits-Saint-Georges after the death of his older brother, in R. M. Cartmel’s fascinating debut, "The Richebourg Affair".... Read More

Book Review


by Carolyn Bailey

Simple, elegant prose makes this new edition of a classic tale relatable and touching, resonating with modern readers. Momo, a young orphan living on her own in the amphitheater of a nameless European city, is a gifted and empathetic... Read More

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