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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 307 pages.

Book Review

When All the Lies Are Told

by Michele Sharpe

"When All the Lies Are Told" is a dimensional murder mystery with strong women, revealed family secrets, and some eroticism involved. Michelle L. Rodgers’s mystery novel "When All the Lies Are Told" features strong women, family... Read More

Book Review

Saving Vengeance

by Benjamin Welton

This military thriller blurs the line between real-world events and fictional action. John Witzel’s "Saving Vengeance" is a supercharged political and military thriller that has a firm grip on the pulse of international politics. Here,... Read More

Book Review

Chasing Mercury

by Claire Foster

Kimberly Cooper Griffin has a savvy, deft touch as she weaves in rich, vivid details that range from sexy to startling. Love is a hardy flower that can blossom in the midst of adversity, as Kimberly Cooper Griffin shows in "Chasing... Read More

Book Review

Blind Thrust

by Jill Allen

With believable, intelligent characters, there is a fine thriller on these pages that could shake things up. Samuel Marquis’s earth-shattering thriller, "Blind Thrust", excels at making a mystery story, with geology as background, an... Read More

Book Review

The Drum Tower

by J. G. Stinson

Death, resurrection, and change are woven into the narrative of Talkhoon’s personal experiences during her country’s upheaval. Farnoosh Moshiri’s latest novel is set during the 1979 Iranian revolution against its monarchy. "The... Read More

Book Review

The Sheltering Tower

by Jacquelyn Lazo

“Someone I trust paid a total stranger to deliver this,” reads the first line of a mysterious letter Homeland Security agent Dr. Juanita “Juan” Aznar receives in Mack Hicks’s latest novel, "The Sheltering Tower". The cryptic... Read More

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