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The Safety of Deeper Water

Tim Polands The Safety of Deeper Water (Vandalia Press, 978-1-933202-32-7) IS MORE OF A NOVEL WITH SUSPENSE THAN A SUSPENSE NOVEL. In fact, its a fishing novel with suspense-and a first-rate writing job. The story centers on a woman with an unusual pursuit: Sandy Holston is addicted to fly fishing. She lives in rural Appalachia and receives occasional letters from her ex-husband whos in prison for bashing in a mans head. He promises to track her down and kill her when he gets out.

What makes this original if offbeat story work is Polands writing skill, honed on shorter fiction (hes an English professor at Radford University). His love of nature and fishing and his understanding of the characters shine through. Theres a neat twist at the end, foretold in the excellent title.

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