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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 249 pages.

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Book Review

Changing Lanes

by Lawrence Kane

Automotive insider Grant Mobielle artfully uses two decades of industry experience to craft a compelling mystery with a believable plot. As unproven technology is increasingly incorporated onto our vehicles, anyone who has ever been... Read More

Book Review


On the cover of this year’s annual anthology of North American literature, a shiny black border sets off a square painting, The Visitors II by Derek Buckner. This exciting art is so brilliant with color and movement a reader might,... Read More

Book Review

James Monroe

“Disinterestedness is success; integrity is success; Christian fortitude is success.” This is how James Monroe defined a worthy life. The author, a member of the history department of Cuyahoga Community College, demonstrates in this... Read More

Book Review

Secrets of Rebel Cave

by Linda Cooley

It is 1945 and WWII has just ended. Sixteen-year-old Dulcie Stoneworth and her twelve-year-old brother Jackie are travelling by train from their coal-mining hometown in Kentucky to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their cousins in... Read More

Book Review

Stacked Deck

by Tom Williams

Lawrence E. Mitchell’s book, Stacked Deck, is the latest title in the Temple University Press series, “America in Transition: Radical Perspectives.” In it, he argues that the typically American values of rugged individualism and... Read More