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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 245 pages.

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Book Review

Old Rye

by Katerie Prior

Oscar Wilde once claimed that life has only two tragedies: “One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” It’s a quote that seems to resonate throughout Jeanne Farewell’s novel, "Old Rye". Old Rye is the... Read More

Book Review

The Secret Zoo

by Amy Falberg

When nine-year-old Megan mysteriously disappears, her older brother, Noah, sets out on a rescue mission. His only clues are a story Megan told before her disappearance and a tattered page of her journal left on Noah’s pillow by a... Read More

Book Review

Strange and Dangerous Dreams

by Scott Downing

The benchmark triumphs of mankind evoke images of snapping flags atop devastating pinnacles, world records falling before stunning, unrelenting challengers, and technologies remolding once impossible feats into merely deadly endeavors.... Read More

Book Review


by Christina Claassen

San Diego is at risk of a cruise missile attack from either Mexico or from the Pacific. A team of undercover agents hired through the U.S. government and led by a British “consultant in matters of crime” have joined forces to uncover... Read More

Book Review

Objects and Empathy

by Vicki Hsueh

As a genre, creative nonfiction is not only teasingly resistant to easy definition, but provocatively open-ended in its scope and sweep. With twenty-five short essays, Saltzman displays a deft touch at eliciting the revelations that can... Read More

Book Review

North of Patagonia

by Leeta Taylor

A tattered copy of an old Argentine cowboy fable of dusty death gives this lively novel its borrowed title, but its code of male fighting honor has a vernacular homeboy sound. This code is very much at home in both Chicago’s rich... Read More

Book Review

Daily News, Eternal Stories

by John Flesher

Chances are the average reporter for the Hometown Gazette, banging out his umpteenth story about the city council’s feud over funding a new sewer system, doesn’t exactly regard himself as a latter-day Homer. Lule would advise the... Read More

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