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An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed

In the spirit of such inspirational authors as Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and W. Clement Stone, John Paul Carinci has written a classic self-help book centered around achieving success.

The author discusses all of the basics, including motivation, perseverance, rising up from failure, the power of positive thinking, and living for today. The short chapters are peppered with salient quotes and stories of success. In each chapter, Carinci includes the boxed-in headline, “We Are Each Born into This World Destined for Greatness!” to continuously reinforce the reader’s self-image.

The material in An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed has been covered in previous motivational books, but Carinci brings a fresh perspective and an unbridled enthusiasm that is sure to lift readers up. He points out, for example, that while many people are consumed with worry, “92 percent of all worry is not necessary,” according to experts. This is why it is so important, says Carinci, to put everything in perspective.

Carinci details four principles of success: 1. Formulate Powerful and Challenging Goals, 2. Be Consumed with the Achievement of Such a Goal, 3. The Point of No Return (in which the author says “the mind cannot be allowed to back out of the achievement” of a goal), and 4. Reward System for Goal Achievement (or, as Carinci puts it, the “Happy Celebration” of the goal’s completion). Through numerous stories, Carinci demonstrates that the truly successful are those who never, ever give up, regardless of the odds or adversities facing them. “The common denominator I have found in all the great achievers is perseverance,” he writes.

Perhaps the most compelling content in the book is Carinci’s reliance on what he calls “positive success affirmation.” The author says he repeats a number of affirmations to himself on a daily basis to keep “fired up and motivated.” Carinci includes these success affirmations at the end of the book should the reader wish to adapt them for personal use.

Any reader seeking a healthy dose of positive motivation to achieve the loftiest goals or even to meet the daily challenges of life is sure to find much of value in John Paul Carinci’s inspirational work.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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