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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 245 pages.

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Book Review

Daily News, Eternal Stories

by John Flesher

Chances are the average reporter for the Hometown Gazette, banging out his umpteenth story about the city council’s feud over funding a new sewer system, doesn’t exactly regard himself as a latter-day Homer. Lule would advise the... Read More

Book Review

Pronoun Music

by Jo-Ann Graziano

Like a good psychiatrist, Cohen shows how a character’s psyche is built upon family memories. Whether an argumentative couple on Catskills holiday with their only-child, a disbarred New York psychiatrist and his patient-girlfriend, or... Read More

Book Review

Travel With Others

by Jodee Taylor

Planning a trip with your boss? Or worse, NOT planning a trip with your boss and you end up on one anyway? There is good news and, of course, bad news. It all depends on your boss but there are several things you can do to ease your... Read More