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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 241 pages.

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

In the satirical novel "Powerballs", an unhappy couple experiences the pleasure of sudden wealth—but their fortunes have a sharp edge. A troubled couple becomes even more troubled after they buy a billion-dollar lottery ticket in Jimmy... Read More

Book Review

Expect Some Delays

by Susan Waggoner

Expansive and thoughtful, the short stories of "Expect Some Delays" capture the graces and ironies of aging. Carolyn Gaye’s imaginative short story collection "Expect Some Delays" focuses on characters who have crossed the meridian of... Read More

Book Review

The Postwoman

by Felicia Topp

A World War II heroine is brought to life in this humane, fast-moving historical novel. Michael Kenneth Smith’s riveting World War II novel "The Postwoman" is based on the life of Andrée De Jongh, who worked to help downed Allied... Read More

Book Review

Once upon a Galaxy

by Maria Siano

In this fantasy romance, Yvette believes she and Juan are destined to be together, and after eleven lifetimes of trying to find him, she is ready to give it one last try. In Once Upon a Galaxy: In Search of a Lost True Love, Jacqueline... Read More

Book Review

Finally OUt

by Elizabeth Millard

People who come out as gay in later life face challenges different from those who come out when they’re younger—they may have families, marriages, and professional colleagues who are affected by their seemingly sudden shift. Too,... Read More

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