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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 227 pages.

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Book Review

Off Somewhere

by Kristine Morris

Z. Z. Boone’s debut story collection takes a clear-eyed look at everyday folks seeking an undefined “something else” that they can only find by going “off somewhere” other than where they are. With his mind ravaged by... Read More

Book Review

The Sandra Sanchez Story

by Sheila M. Trask

Sports and space make odd bedfellows in Larry Spiry’s debut novel, "The Sandra Sanchez Story". Spiry is a soccer super-fan who has turned his fascination into a young-adult sports story with a serious twist: his star player may truly... Read More

Book Review

The Planets

by Karen Ackland

A grisly explosion on the outskirts of a city, resulting in human appendages sprayed for hundreds of meters, causes the narrator to remember his childhood friend, M, who disappeared years before. In interconnected vignettes, the book... Read More

Book Review

Jonah Man

by Karen Ackland

The novel opens with Swain, a one-armed juggler, watching from the wings of a theater as Jonson and his boy dance atop wooden barrels. They are all performers in a small-town vaudeville circuit where a runaway donkey has been known to... Read More

Book Review

Kipling's Cat

Of her father, Anne Cabot Wyman writes, “I want to follow his trail, find out who he was and understand how he shaped my life.” This sentence ends the first chapter of Kipling’s Cat, launching Wyman on a quest to discover her... Read More

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