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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 217 pages.

Book Review

The Freedom Building

by Benjamin Welton

"The Freedom Building" is a Kafkaesque, cerebral thriller that moves with purpose through its layered clues. In Martin Kendall’s thriller "The Freedom Building", an architect’s terrible case of amnesia has connections to terrorists... Read More

Book Review

Access Point

by Benjamin Welton

"Access Point" is a clever mystery novel whose high technology proves powerful when it comes to solving inhumane crimes. Tom Gabbay’s high-tech mystery thriller "Access Point" combines classic genre tropes with near dystopian... Read More

Book Review

Haven Cross

by Katerie Prior

Daines’s novel breaks with genre conventions to deliver a tale with broad appeal. In Julie Daines’s Havencross, a young woman finds romance and adventure in the nineteenth-century Cornish countryside. Retreating from London after a... Read More

Book Review

The Midnight Zoo

by Emma Beauchamp

As the only survivors of their gypsy encampment invaded by Nazi soldiers, twelve-year-old Andrej and nine-year-old Tomas wander from town to town, dodging falling bombs and searching for freedom. Finally, the brothers find solace in a... Read More

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