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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 214 pages.

Book Review

The Secrets We Hold

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The young adult novel "The Secrets We Hold" rides emotional highs as two outwardly mismatched teenagers try to grow past their mistakes. A transfer student faces intense bullying in Keira Forde’s cinematic young adult novel "The... Read More

Book Review

The Velocity Mindset

by Charlene Oldham

The advice in the leadership guide "The Velocity Mindset" will help business people to speed toward their desired destinations. Ron Karr’s self-help leadership text "The Velocity Mindset" suggests exercises and delivers advice to guide... Read More

Book Review

The Cost of Living

by Benjamin Welton

"The Cost of Living" is an occult thriller that emphasizes its wholesome moral compass. D. L. Huntington’s occult-tinged thriller "The Cost of Living" is an excellent contemporary parable about the sickness of America’s wealth... Read More

Book Review

The Unfolding

by Anitra Budd

Jeehan Quijano’s novel "The Unfolding" concerns itself with the roots of trauma: Where does loneliness begin? How does guilt take up residence in a family? Can grief be traced through a lifetime, or even multiple lifetimes? Benjamin,... Read More

Book Review

Get After It

by Kristine Morris

"Get After It" is a memoir that shows how an average person, despite setbacks and obstacles, created a life of meaning and purpose. Parker Schaffel’s heartfelt, captivating memoir "Get After It" recalls an unimaginable eight-year-long... Read More

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