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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 212 pages.

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Book Review

Creating Cassandra

by Brittney Decker

Salacious undertones permeate this mafia love story in which two people live out their story again and again across different times and continents. Vincent Di Blasi’s "Creating Cassandra" is a tumultuous tale in which friendship is... Read More

Book Review

The City

by Peter Dabbene

Collectively, these dark stories will not just give readers the chills, but have them looking over their shoulders with suspicion. Erik Hinrichsen paints the bleak, compelling landscape of a city and its inhabitants in his collection of... Read More

Book Review

From Furs to Farms

by Scott Neuffer

John Reda’s relatively succinct and pointed history of the white settlement of the Mississippi Valley challenges the oversimplified and convenient notion of Manifest Destiny. Before the American Revolution, before the crowded and... Read More

Book Review

My Radio Radio

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Its pages are sharpened by contrasts—between the dull nature of a regimented religious existence, and the colorful needs of a young girl. In a communal home in a quiet Indiana town, between four walls painted in wildly different... Read More

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