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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 181 pages.

Book Review

The Shoes of Moses

by Leia Menlove

In "The Shoes of Moses", San Diego-based Blaine C. Readler treats readers to a vivid collection of short fiction, in which he takes gleeful pleasure in highlighting the absurdities of humanity’s ideas about religion, God, country and... Read More

Book Review

Wind Dancing

A traumatic brain injury is, in some ways, the cruelest of injuries. A survivor may appear recovered, without physical scars or obvious deficits, while the psychological agony of the trauma continues unseen. Because of this abyss between... Read More

Book Review

Health Revolution

by Nancy Leake

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain. The overwhelmingly accepted approach is to treat such pain with medication, at least in Western medicine. Dr. Kuny Suzuki believes this is wrong for two key reasons. First, he says, relieving... Read More

Book Review

In Her Eyes

Poet Melissa L. Beal a pathologist by profession writes with the hand and heart of a survivor: childhood experiences of sexual abuse a narrow escape from death at the age of nineteen surviving ovarian cancer and recovering from addiction... Read More

Book Review

Keep Any Promise

The Phoenix myth in one form or another flies across cultures as much a part of the human spirit as our knowledge that grass dies away in winter and flourishes green again in spring. Karim Ismail tasted the ashes of failure and he writes... Read More

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