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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 179 pages.

Book Review

Water at the Roots

by Jeff Fleischer

A poet as well as a pastor and farmer, Philip Britts was only thirty-one years of age when he died in 1949. His poetry and life story are collected for the first time in "Water at the Roots", a slim volume that uses his own words to help... Read More

Book Review


by Tammy Snyder

Real characters highlight this challenging story of head-spinning dysfunction. There are times when talking is highly overrated. In "Eavesdropping", J. C. Weil creates a character who tires of all the inane chatter in the world,... Read More

Book Review

Schools in the Forest

by Elissa Mugianis

Disenfranchised communities under attack and struggling for survival, using barely literate teachers, were foundational components of the phenomenal and highly successful schools in the rainforest of Acre, Brazil. Loyola University of... Read More

Book Review

The Balanced Way

“The ultimate question that stayed with me was how I could have contentment and a peaceful state of mind while not giving up my search for excellence and desires for a better future,” Abdullah Telmesani writes. In "The Balanced Way",... Read More

Book Review

Dodge County Fair

Born in 1922, author and playwright James Sunwall remembers the Great Depression with the vividness of childhood. His firsthand impressions of growing up in the rural Midwest inform the works in "Dodge County Fair". The main work, a... Read More

Book Review


Névine Salvadé’s memoir tells the story of her cosmopolitan life full of impulse and compassion which led to her spiritual awakening and a desire to help others. Born to a beautiful American mother and a sometimes abusive Lebanese... Read More

Book Review

The Bitter and Sweet

"The Bitter and Sweet" begins like a stereotypical romance novel. A young foolish heroine rides her horse into a storm and is rescued by a mysterious older man. She is immediately intrigued by him while he all but ignores her. The... Read More

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