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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 175 pages.

Book Review

The Usefulness of the Useless

by Matt Sutherland

Happiness studies have shown repeatedly that people with accumulated wealth are less fulfilled than those with little money. How, then, to explain the glorification of profit and the insatiable quest for riches that pervades our culture?... Read More

Book Review

The Butterfly Lady

by Kristine Morris

At times poetic, and always redolent of the blues, "The Butterfly Lady" is a brilliant portrayal of the anguish of being a black, gay man in a world incapable of recognizing the humanity of one deemed an outsider. When the Butterfly... Read More

Book Review

The Writer Who Stayed

by Peter Dabbene

The idea of the classic newspaperman is fading into the mists of time, as nonfiction becomes, for many purveyors, more about grabbing attention than in-depth writing. Luckily, William Zinsser is still among us; in "The Writer Who... Read More

Book Review


by Elizabeth Breau

Doug Joseph’s sequel to New Immortal is an inventive representation of Pentecostal theology that will delight young adult readers. Combining other-worldly time travel with divine revelation, "Tesseract" shows that great rewards await... Read More

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