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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 148 pages.

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Book Review


by Julia Jenkins

This touching story plainly told provides a captivating view of wartime Serbia, its tensions, and its effects on ordinary working people. Judith Somborac’s "Tug-of-War" follows the fictional experience of one young woman’s... Read More

Book Review

Self Determination

by Patty Sutherland

Canelo’s rich smorgasbord of healing modalities is this book’s greatest strength. Anthony Canelo is a holistic health strategist, herbalist, and owner of the Phoenix Institute for Holistic Health and Research. "Self Determination",... Read More

Book Review

Out of Peel Tree

by Alicia Sondhi

Striking imagery imbues the ordinary with meaning—every vivid word serves a purpose. With layers of symbolism and poetic lyricism, Laura Long’s carefully crafted "Out of Peel Tree" begs to be slowly absorbed, read and reread, as it... Read More

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