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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 146 pages.

Book Review

Cracking Nature's Code

by Hope Hills

Cracking Nature’s Code is a call to action that connects science with philosophy for the greater global good. Microbiologist JB Head’s scientific treatise Cracking Nature’s Code suggests relations between chaos and order to better... Read More

Book Review

Sinister Summer

by Laura Leavitt

Childhood adventures capture the culture of the 1950s in "Sinister Summer". Lighthearted summer fun mixes with worry and fear in C. A. Hartnell’s "Sinister Summer", a chapter book about faith, family, and friends. In the 1950s, Carol... Read More

Book Review

Scary Spring

by Aimee Jodoin

A historical tale about polio for middle graders, "Scary Spring" stays true to lighthearted aspects of its era. In the spring of 1955, polio ravaged the United States, and Carol Ann, in C. A. Hartnell’s middle grade novel Scary Spring... Read More

Book Review

Country Soul & Caravan Magic

by Katie Asher

There is a poetic expression here for anyone who has ever fallen in love—who has pined for someone, who has loved without being loved back, who has been cheated on, or who has felt confused in love. R. R. Pravin’s poetry collection... Read More

Book Review

Make Way for Her

by Meg Nola

Katie Cortese’s Make Way for Her and Other Stories offers enticing glimpses of curiously compact, womencentric fictional universes, generally focused on girls, teenagers, women, and the men who affect—but not necessarily... Read More

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