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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 122 pages.

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Book Review

Rise Up against All Odds

by Barry Silverstein

This inspirational and highly motivational work offers encouragement to those facing adversity. Thandi Boshoma’s "Rise Up against All Odds" is a self-improvement book that includes an uplifting personal story and encapsulates a... Read More

Book Review

From My Heart to Your Heart

by Jessica Mehta

"From My Heart to Your Heart" is beautifully suited for those looking for a poetry collection with Christian leanings. Alicia G. Smith-Mackall’s collection "From My Heart to Your Heart" is a spiritual journey that moves between poems... Read More

Book Review


by Scott Neuffer

Two best friends grapple with an AIDS diagnosis in this humane novel about suffering and friendship. L. A. Long’s new novella, Bo, is a moving account of two friends coming face-to-face with the ugly, but not defeating, reality of... Read More

Book Review

Pretty from the Back

by Lisa Bower

Experiments in form and language convey one woman’s struggles with love and race. Poetry is a safe space where people can express their inner fears and experiences. Sharon White’s collection, "Pretty from the Back", examines the... Read More

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