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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 122 pages.

Book Review

Prayer Changes Things

by Jeremiah Rood

"Prayer Changes Things" is an accessible introduction to Pentecostal prayer. Beatrice B. Fearon’s inspiring book "Prayer Changes Things" is an accessible guide to prayer. Beginning with a theology of prayer that encourages people to... Read More

Book Review

Pam and Jodi's Journey

by Laura Leavitt

Pam and Jodi’s Journey is compelling as it portrays students raising consciousness and standing up for their rights. N.K. Beckley’s middle grade novel Pam and Jodi’s Journey is upbeat and informative. It focuses on a deaf student... Read More

Book Review

The Haunted Trail

by Robert Foreman

"The Haunted Trail" is the product of an urgent sort of inspiration. The Haunted Trail: The War of the Dublin Woods by John C. Lukegord is a short suspense novel set in the late nineteenth century. Full of intrigue and the supernatural,... Read More

Book Review

Rise Up against All Odds

by Barry Silverstein

This inspirational and highly motivational work offers encouragement to those facing adversity. Thandi Boshoma’s "Rise Up against All Odds" is a self-improvement book that includes an uplifting personal story and encapsulates a... Read More

Book Review

From My Heart to Your Heart

by Jessica Mehta

"From My Heart to Your Heart" is beautifully suited for those looking for a poetry collection with Christian leanings. Alicia G. Smith-Mackall’s collection "From My Heart to Your Heart" is a spiritual journey that moves between poems... Read More

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