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Anatomy of Voice

How to Enhance and Project Your Best Voice

Always accessible and never wearisome, this is the perfect guide for anyone who makes a living with his or her voice.

Anatomy of Voice: How to Enhance and Project Your Best Voice, by Blandine Calais-Germain and François Germain, is a physiological guide for everyday vocalists.

The book presents the art and science of where the voice comes from and how to harness its power. The authors give a whole-body view of the voice, including bones, cavities, and other physical elements, from the larynx to the tongue, that produce and influence the sound of the voice. By understanding the innate and involuntary aspects of voice, people can build their skills and make choices to maximize their vocal production, including managing air flow, posture, and muscle tone.

While this sounds potentially wearisome, and the authors are indeed meticulous, the book is not at all burdensome. The text is tightly focused; it gives only the information needed to understand the voice. It uses common language, defining and explaining terms concisely within the text, rendering a glossary unnecessary. Nearly all text is presented in short blocks, closely tied to images. Calais-Germain’s illustrations are another key to the approachability of the book. The images are simple and clear, with all angles and details precisely chosen. The use of color is minimal yet effective, indicating both form and function. The images have a much warmer feel than those in medical textbooks, welcoming people from all fields.

The translation by Marine Curtis-Oakes is seamless, certainly no easy feat given the specialized knowledge and artwork involved.

Calais-Germain and Germain are intelligent guides and encouraging coaches for anyone who makes a living by his or her voice—actors, professors, lawyers. No matter their daily vocal needs, this book presents what they need to project and protect their voices. Professionals who use their voices without giving them much thought, like teachers, will be surprised that there’s so much to it, but even further surprised that all the information and application is accessible and learnable, even if you’re not a vocal coach or an anatomy expert.

Anatomy of Voice is an invaluable, scientific vocal coach for people who may not have even realized they need a vocal coach.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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