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Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Immigrant Andrea Pons’s vibrant cookbook "Mamacita" gathers the dishes that helped her to maintain a strong sense of culture while she was away from her first home. Noting that Mexican life “revolves around the next meal,” Pons’s... Read More

Book Review

The Abolitionist’s Journal

by Meg Nola

James D. Richardson’s biography "The Abolitionist’s Journal" concerns the extraordinary life of George Richardson, an antislavery advocate and traveling Methodist preacher. George Richardson kept a 300-page journal that became... Read More

Book Review

Back to the Moon

by Kristine Morris

In "Back to the Moon", astrophysicist Joseph Silk makes a compelling argument for a return to the moon and lays out an exciting vision for the next fifty years of lunar science. Silk presents an exciting scenario featuring massive... Read More

Book Review

A World in a Shell

by Rebecca Foster

“Each and every extinction has its own story,” writes Thom van Dooren in his attentive, elegiac book "A World in a Shell", which regards Hawai’i’s lost and endangered snail species as instructive microcosms of biodiversity loss.... Read More

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