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Book Review

The IPO Playbook

by Claire Foster

"The IPO Playbook" is a wise and comprehensive guide to creating corporate value—and then cashing in. The transition from private corporation to publicly held company is a tightrope of trust, and corporate strategist Steve... Read More

Book Review

Last Second in Dallas

by Meg Nola

Josiah Thompson’s reconsideration of the John F. Kennedy assassination, "Last Second in Dallas", includes compelling assessments of the existing evidence, but also incorporates twenty-first-century technological advancements. Decades... Read More

Book Review


by Kristen Rabe

Jimena Canales’s captivating popular science text "Bedeviled" concerns the conceptual “demons” that drive scientific innovation. While scientists reject notions of demons in religions and superstition, Canales says, they also... Read More

Book Review

The United States of War

by Matt Sutherland

The threat of war has long been the most persuasive tool of statesmanship, made the better if you occasionally back it up on the battlefield. Diplomacy has a place, yes, but the laws of the jungle are often the only rules that really... Read More

Book Review

The Redshirt

by Ashley Holstrom

Corey Sobel’s magnificent debut novel, "The Redshirt", exposes the hypermasculinity of collegiate football as a freshman starts at a Division One school. Miles is younger and smaller than the rest of his teammates at King College.... Read More

Book Review

The Nazi Spy Ring in America

by Monica Carter

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones’s riveting historical study, "The Nazi Spy Ring in America", concerns Germany’s efforts to infiltrate America in the 1930s through espionage. In the prewar period, espionage agents led by Admiral Canaris, the... Read More

Book Review

Setsuko's Secret

by Meg Nola

Setsuko’s Secret is an intense, personal chronicle of the unconscionable internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Soon after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized Executive Order 9066,... Read More

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