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The Thief

A Tokyo pickpocket finds meaning in his otherwise drab and aimless life by reflecting on the subtleties of his art: selecting the “mark”; using a crowd to shield his... Read More

Book Review

The Detour

Ernst Vogler seems to have found a dream job creating a master list of the world’s artwork based on taste, significance, and desire. Except the year is 1938, and Ernst is... Read More

Book Review


Wyatt is a thief. While he’s had a long and successful career, due in large part to the meticulousness with which he plans his capers, advances in technology are making it... Read More

Book Review

Sand Queen

If only Specialist Kate Brady had the benefit of the Army’s new “resilience” program, she might have been better equipped to handle combat stress more cheerfully and avoid... Read More

Book Review


‘The truth is a slippery thing,’ Gordon said. ‘Watch your back, son. That’s all I’m saying,’ In "Collusion", Stuart Neville weaves a sparkling web of suspense with... Read More

Book Review


Queen Alcestis exists in literature and art as the quintessential good wife, a woman who loved her husband enough to take his place in the underworld. In Katharine Beutner’s... Read More

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