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Books Reviewed in Thriller

Book Review

Blue Fall

In B. B. Griffith’s Blue Fall, Frank Youngsmith, an overworked claims investigator for Barringer Insurance, is sent to investigate potential fraud on a large claim. Frank just... Read More

Book Review

The Shade

Happily married and expecting their first baby, Joe and Elaine Sanders of Twin Oak, Florida, assume that their lives are perfect. But then their baby is born with a rare genetic... Read More

Book Review


Wyatt is a thief. While he’s had a long and successful career, due in large part to the meticulousness with which he plans his capers, advances in technology are making it... Read More

Book Review


Following the death of her beloved mother, true-crime author Elle Bramasol struggles to make meaning of her life. Instead, she gets pulled into a deep and deadly web when... Read More

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