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Books Reviewed in Science Fiction

Book Review


A very peculiar book Betrayal is a mix of science fiction and fantasy that shamelessly draws from both genres yet ultimately appeals to neither one. The author is very good at... Read More

Book Review

Alien Legacy

Strange creatures unexplained lights a frightened family a hysterical community—all are ingredients in the story about events in Kelly Kentucky on August 21 and 22 1955. In... Read More

Book Review

The Cattle

In his 2006 novel The Cattle author Greg Sarwa explores the frightening possibility that Big Brother could become larger than life in the United States much sooner than we... Read More

Book Review

Girl Factory

Is it possible to make yogurt—that bland, colorless, jiggling bowl of prosaic foodstuff— into a substance that’s not only creepy, but slightly macabre? If so, novelist and... Read More

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