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Coffee Table Books (General)

Often oversized and hardcover, coffee table books are intended to be displayed in public and shared spaces to arouse curiosity and inspire conversation. As these books could be picked up by anyone and opened to any page, they typically contain large photos or illustrations with short runs of text. Coffee table books make great gifts and may be found in a waiting room or your friend's living room.

2020 GOLD Winner for Coffee Table Books

2020 SILVER Winner for Coffee Table Books

2020 BRONZE Winner for Coffee Table Books

2020 HONORABLE Mention for Coffee Table Books

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Maya Ruins Revisited

William Frej, Stephan Merk (contributor), Jeremy A. Sabloff (contributor), Khristaan D. Villela (contributor), Tomás Gallareta Negrón (contributor), and Alma Durán-Merk (contributor)
Peyton Wright Gallery Press
Publication Date
Oct 10, 2020

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