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2011 BOTYA Winners Announced

June 23, 2012—Foreword Reviews is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Book of the Year Awards and the Independent Publisher of the Year.

At a ceremony today at ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, Foreword named 209 Book of the Year Award winners in 54 categories. These books, representing the best independently published works from 2011, were selected by a panel of librarian and bookseller judges.

All Cry Chaos Two books were also named Editor’s Choice Prize winners, a distinction that comes with a $1,500 cash prize. The Editor’s Choice Prize for Fiction was given to The Permanent Press for All Cry Chaos by Leonard Rosen (978-1-57962-222-0).

“It’s a rare pleasure to find a protagonist who reads like a literary figure in a thriller,” said editor-in-chief Julie Eakin.

Logodaedaly Wolverine Farm Publishing was presented with the Editor’s Choice Prize for Nonfiction for its book, Logodaedaly by Erzsébet Gilbert (978-0-9823372-9-5).

Logodaedaly defies categorization,” said Kimber Bilby, Foreword’s marketing and awards director. “It’s not a true reference book, but it is a beautifully written book about words—albeit quirky, obscure ones that I’m sure you’ve never heard of! Gilbert’s magical dictionary is a linguistic delight.”

The other category winners were selected by dozens of librarians and booksellers who are experts in the subject matter of the books they judged, and who make purchasing decisions daily for their collections or bookstores.

Chelsea Green Publishing was named the Independent Publisher of the Year for its significant contributions in the categories of politics and sustainable living. Two outstanding titles from the publisher this year were award winners. They are: Reinventing Fire by Armory B. Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute and the much-touted book of essays by Edward Hoagland, Sex and the River Styx.

Foreword’s founder and publisher, Victoria Sutherland, spoke at the awards ceremony and announced the winners. “After fifteen years of recognizing great books with this award process, I still have an enormous sense of admiration for the title assortment and I’m so thankful for the help of our readership, booksellers and librarians who help us sort out the top choices based on their experiences.”


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