Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2010 Foreword INDIES Winners

Adult Fiction

Gold: Scimitar Sun (978-1-897492-17-8) by Chris A. Jackson and Alex White (illustrator), Dragon Moon Press
Silver: Murder at Avedon Hill (978-1-897492-10-9) by P.G. Holyfield, Dragon Moon Press
Bronze: The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree (978-1-4327-5670-3) by Paul H Deepan, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Honorable Mention: Wolfsbane Winter (978-1-60282-158-3) by Jane Fletcher, Bold Strokes Books
Gay & Lesbian
Gold: The Perfect Family (978-1-60282-181-1) by Kathryn Shay
Silver: Torn (978-0-9795933-6-9) by Amber Lehman, Closet Case Press
Bronze: Unmentionables (978-1-4537-2135-3) by David Greene, CreateSpace
Honorable Mention: The Big Bang Symphony (978-0-299-23500-0) by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, The University of Wisconsin Press
Gold: No Hope for Gomez! (978-1-4327-5248-4) by Graham Parke, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Silver: Stolen Horses (978-0-8032-3108-5) by Dan O'Brien, University of Nebraska Press
Bronze: Matterhorn (978-1-4417-4230-8) by Karl Marlantes and Read by Bronson Pinchot (illustrator), Blackstone Audio
Honorable Mention: Waterfall Dance (978-1-4536-2947-5) by Andrew Quinn, Stories That Stir
Gold: The DeValera Deception (978-1-936274-08-6) by Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
Silver: Eden Springs (978-0-8143-3464-5) by Laura Kasischke, Wayne State University Press
Bronze: By Fire, By Water (978-1-59051-352-1) by Mitchell James Kaplan, Other Press
Honorable Mention: Splendid Isolation (978-0-9809163-0-0) by Pamela Bauer Mueller, Pinata Publishing
Gold: Toothless (978-1-897492-18-5) by J.P. Moore and Scott Purdy (cover) (illustrator), Dragon Moon Press
Silver: Darkened Hills (978-1-4538-4485-4) by Gary Lee Vincent, Burning Bulb Publishing
Bronze: The House at Miller's Court (978-0-9846195-2-8) by K. Patrick Malone, A-Argus Books
Editor's Choice Prize Fiction: Mink River (978-0-87071-585-3) by Brian Doyle, Oregon State University Press
Gold: Toads' Museum of Freaks and Wonders (978-1-930974-88-3) by Goldie Goldbloom, New Issues Poetry & Prose
Silver: Lord of Misrule (978-0-929701-83-7) by Jaimy Gordon, McPherson and Company
Bronze: John Doe No. 2 and the Dreamland Motel (978-0-87580-640-2) by Kenneth Womack, Switchgrass Books
Honorable Mention: Journey To Virginland (978-1-935097-51-8) by Armen Melikian, Two Harbors
Gold: The Ghosts of Anatolia (978-0-9729480-3-6) by Steven E. Wilson, HG Books
Silver: My Waltzing Egypt (978-0-9827378-8-0) by Aabeid Salama, Thunder House Books
Bronze: The Deer Dancer (978-0-916251-00-0) by Gary Winters, Jaguar Tales
Gold: Water Mark (978-1-60282-179-8) by J.M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books
Silver: Shelf Ice (978-0-9785732-3-2) by Aaron Stander, Writers & Editors
Bronze: The Kill (978-0-9841898-2-3) by Jan Neuharth, Paper Chase Farms Publishing Group
Gold: A Season of Miracles (978-0-8254-4191-2) by Rusty Whitener, Kregel Publications
Silver: Footsteps of St. Peter, The Early Years (978-0-9800451-5-4) by Mac McConnell, One Way Books
Bronze: The Burning Veil (978-0-9825074-1-4) by Jean Grant, Mishmish Press
Gold: Truly, Everything (978-0-9822299-1-0) by J. R. Armstrong, Willowrose Publishing
Silver: What Cheer (978-1-888160-42-0) by Zachary Michael Jack, Tall Corn Books
Bronze: The Haunting of Wolfe Haven (978-1-4502-3806-9) by Debbie A. Heaton, iUniverse
Honorable Mention: Back to Normal (978-1-4327-5078-7) by Debbie Boucher, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Science Fiction
Gold: The Presence (978-0-9726007-4-3) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
Silver: Quick Fall of Light (978-1-936178-18-6) by Sherrida Woodley, Gray Dog Press
Bronze: Destiny's Blood (978-1-897492-11-6) by Marie Bilodeau, Dragon Moon Press
Short Stories
Gold: In Envy Country (978-0-268-02888-6) by Joan Frank, University of Notre Dame Press
Silver: Lessons in Another Language (978-1-935536-00-0) by Megan Staffel, Four Way Books
Bronze: As If We Were Prey (978-0-8143-3477-5) by Michael Delp, Wayne State University Press
Honorable Mention: News From Home (978-1-56656-803-6) by Sefi Atta, Interlink Books
Thriller & Suspense
Gold: Frame Up (978-1-933515-63-2) by John F. Dobbyn, Oceanview Publishing
Silver: The DeValera Deception (978-1-936274-08-6) by Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
Bronze: And Then There Was One (978-1-933515-81-6) by Patricia Gussin, Oceanview Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Savannah Project (978-1-936214-07-5) by Chuck Barrett, Switchback Publishing

Adult Nonfiction

Gold: Moral Ground (978-1-59534-066-5) by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Trinity University Press
Silver: The American Stage (978-1-59853-069-8) by Laurence Senelick, editor, The Library of America
Bronze: The Anthology of Rap (978-0-300-14190-0) by Adam Bradley and Andrew Dubois, Yale University Press
Honorable Mention: Writers and Their Notebooks (978-1-57003-866-2) by Diana M. Raab, editor, University of South Carolina Press
Gold: The Horse (978-0-7892-1018-0) by Jean-Louis Gouraud, Michel Woronoff, and Henri-Paul Francfort, Abbeville Press
Silver: A History of American Tonalism 1880-1920 (978-1-55595-302-7) by David A. Cleveland, Hudson Hills Press
Bronze: The Art of Dahlov Ipcar (978-0-89272-809-1) by Carl Little and Dahlov Ipcar (illustrator), Down East Books
Autobiography & Memoir
Gold: The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (978-1-56512-606-0) by Elisabeth Tova Bailey, Algonquin Books
Silver: Come Up and Get Me (978-0-8263-4803-6) by Colonel Joe Kittinger and Craig Ryan, University of New Mexico Press
Bronze: To Kill a Tiger (978-1-59020-266-1) by Jid Lee, Overlook Press
Honorable Mention: When I Came West (978-0-8061-4059-9) by Laurie Wagner Buyer, University of Oklahoma Press
Gold: Bonhoeffer (978-1-59555-138-2) by Eric Metaxas, Thomas Nelson
Silver: The Admirable Radical (978-1-60635-051-5) by Carl Mirra, The Kent State University Press
Bronze: Heaven's Bride (978-0-465-00298-6) by Schmidt, Leigh Eric, Basic Books
Honorable Mention: J.B. Harkin (978-0-88864-512-8) by E.J. (Ted) Hart, University of Alberta Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Gold: The Barefoot Book (978-0-89793-554-8) by Daniel Howell, Hunter House Publishers
Silver: The 12 Chinese Animals (978-1-84819-031-3) by Master Zhongxian Wu, Singing Dragon
Bronze: As We Grieve (978-0-9842306-0-0) by Jan Groft, Graham House Books
Honorable Mention: The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine (978-1-57749-237-5) by Linnie Thomas, HTCP, HTCI, MLW, Fairview Press
Business & Economics
Gold: Fault Lines (978-0-691-14683-6) by Raghuram G. Rajan, Princeton University Press
Silver: Sacred Ground (978-1-59298-323-0) by Jeff Appelquist, Beaver's Pond Press
Bronze: Wild West 2.0 (978-0-8144-1509-2) by David Thompson and Michael Fertik, AMACOM Books
Gold: Asperger's on the Job (978-1-935274-09-4) by Rudy Simone, Future Horizons
Silver: How to Interview Like a Pro (978-1-4502-7089-2) by Mary Greenwood, iUniverse
Bronze: The Bliss List (978-0-9840934-1-0) by J.P. Hansen, Career Bliss Publications
Honorable Mention: I Found a Job! (978-1-59357-814-5) by Marcia Heroux Pounds, JIST Publishing
Gold: French Cooking (978-2-08030146-8) by Foreword by Paul Bocuse, Written by Hubert Delorme and Vincent Boue and Photography by Clay McLachlan (illustrator), Flammarion, distributed by Rizzoli through Random House
Silver: Sarabeth's Bakery (978-0-8478-3408-2) by Sarabeth Levine, Rick Rodgers, Foreword by Mimi Sheraton and Photography by Quentin Bacon (illustrator), Rizzoli New York
Bronze: Flavors of Friuli (978-0-9703716-1-4) by Elisabeth Antoine Crawford, Equilibrio
Honorable Mention: Greek Revival (978-1-57003-939-3) by Patricia Moore-Pastides, University of South Carolina Press
Crafts & Hobbies
Gold: Socks Appeal (978-1-60705-194-7) by Brenna Maloney, Stash Books an imprint of C&T Publishing
Silver: Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions (978-0-9826270-0-6) by Amy Barickman
Bronze: Threads The basics and beyond (978-0-9825586-1-4) by Debbie Bates & Liz Kettle, Landauer Publishing
Honorable Mention: Embroiderers of Ninhue (978-0-89672-648-2) by Carmen Benavente, Texas Tech University Press
Gold: Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom (978-1-935274-08-7) by Beth Aune, Beth Burt, Peter Gennaro, Future Horizons
Silver: The Five-Year Party (978-1-935251-80-4) by Craig Brandon, BenBella Books
Bronze: Life After High School (978-1-84905-828-5) by Christina Cacioppo Bertsch and Susan Yellin, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Honorable Mention: Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom (978-1-935249-87-0) by Meg Ormiston, Solution Tree Press
Gold: Coming Climate Crisis? (978-0-7425-5615-7) by Claire L. Parkinson, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Silver: Disaster On the Horizon (978-1-60358-316-9) by Bob Cavnar, Chelsea Green Publishing
Bronze: Moral Ground (978-1-59534-066-5) by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Trinity University Press
Gold: You Have Given Me a Country (978-1-932511-82-6) by Neela Vaswani, Sarabande Books
Silver: An American Map (978-0-8143-3420-1) by Anne-Marie Oomen, Wayne State University Press
Bronze: Quotidiana (978-0-8032-2296-0) by Patrick Madden, University of Nebraska Press
Family & Relationships
Gold: How We Got Barb Back (978-1-57324-477-0) by Margaret Hawkins, Conari Press
Silver: When Mom and Dad Need Help (978-0-9742984-0-5) by Michael C. Campbell, Iffenwen Publishing Company
Bronze: When a Man You Love Was Abused (978-0-8254-3353-5) by Cecil Murphey, Kregel Publications
Graphic Novels & Comics
Gold: Return of the Dapper Men (978-1-932386-90-5) by Jim McCann and Janet Lee (illustrator), Archaia Entertainment
Silver: Beasts of Burden (978-1-59582-513-1) by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson (illustrator), Dark Horse Comics
Bronze: Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 (978-1-932386-77-6) by Tom Siddell (author, illustrator), Archaia Entertainment
Honorable Mention: Binky to the Rescue (978-1-55453-502-6) by Ashley Spires (author, illustrator), Kids Can Press
Gold: Mental Health Naturally: The Family Guide to Holistic Care for a Healthy Mind and Body (978-1-58110-310-6) by Kathi J. Kemper, MD, MPH, FAAP, American Academy of Pediatrics
Silver: The Guide to Good Health for Teens & Adults with Down Syndrome (978-1-890627-89-8) by Brian Chicoine, Woodbine House
Bronze: Breast Cancer (978-0-9806311-1-1) by Prof John Boyages and Eyesometric (illustrator), Boycare Publishing
Honorable Mention: What Nurses Know...Diabetes (978-1-932603-98-9) by Rita Girouard, RN, Demos Health
Gold: Bloodlands (978-0-465-00239-9) by Snyder, Timothy, Basic Books
Silver: Song of Wrath (978-0-465-01506-1) by J.E. Lendon, Basic Books
Bronze: The Whites of Their Eyes (978-0-691-15027-7) by Jill Lepore, Princeton University Press
Honorable Mention: Where We Worked (978-1-59921-960-8) by Jack Larkin, Lyons Press
Home & Garden
Gold: Wisconsin's Own (978-0-87020-452-4) by M. Caren Connolly, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Silver: Energy-Wise Landscape Design (978-0-86571-653-7) by Sue Reed, New Society Publishers
Bronze: Great Lady Decorators (978-0-8478-3336-8) by Adam Lewis with foreword by Bunny Williams and Jeremiah Goodman (illustrator), Rizzoli New York
Honorable Mention: Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean (978-0-9813279-1-4) by Margaret Gajek, Derek Galon, Ozone Zone Books
Gold: I Love You-Now Hush (978-0-89587-378-1) by Melinda Rainey Thompson & Morgan Murphy, John F. Blair, Publisher
Silver: Revenge of the Pun! (978-0-557-49336-4) by Barry Corbett (author, illustrator), Corbett Features
Bronze: Kiss Your Customer (978-0-9754610-9-9) by Andy Masters, Hawthorn Publishing
Honorable Mention: For Frying Out Loud (978-0-615-34291-7) by Fay Jacobs, A&M Books
Gold: Nature's Garden (978-0-9766266-1-9) by Samuel Thayer, Forager's Harvest Press
Silver: Spider Silk (978-0-300-14922-7) by Leslie Brunetta and Catherine L. Craig, Yale University Press
Bronze: Tahoe Beneath the Surface (978-1-59714-139-0) by Scott Lankford, Heyday, Co-published with Sierra College Press
Honorable Mention: Infinite Monster (978-0-9823152-4-8) by Leigh Jones and Rhiannon Meyers, PenlandScott Publishers
Gold: Sensory Parenting: From Newborns to Toddlers (978-1-935567-22-6) by Britt Collins, M.S., OTR/L, Jackie Olson, Sensory World, Imprint of Future Horizons
Silver: Heading Home With Your Newborn From Birth To Reality 2nd Edition (978-1-58110-444-8) by Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, American Academy of Pediatrics
Bronze: Homework Made Simple (978-0-9714609-8-0) by Ann K. Dolin
Honorable Mention: First the Broccoli, Then the Ice Cream (978-0-9841423-1-6) by Tim Riley, Two Fish
Performing Arts
Gold: Akira Kurosawa (978-0-8478-3319-1) by Peter Cowie, Rizzoli New York
Silver: Houdini (978-0-300-14684-4) by Brooke Kamin Rapaport, Yale University Press
Bronze: 50 Years of Queer Cinema (978-1-936003-09-9) by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Blood Moon Productions
Gold: Orphans of Katrina (978-0-615-32916-1) by Karen O'Toole, Give a Dog a Bone Press
Silver: Conversations With Cosmo (978-1-890932-37-4) by Betty Jean Craige, Sherman Asher Publishing
Bronze: Dog Walks Man (978-1-59921-963-9) by John Zeaman, Globe Pequot Press / Lyons Press
Gold: One Book, the Whole Universe (978-1-930972-32-2) by Richard D. Mohr (editor) and Barbara M. Sattler (editor), Parmenides Publishing
Silver: Building One Fire (978-1-61658-960-8) by Cherokee Nation, The Cherokee Ntion
Bronze: The Shape of Inner Space (978-0-465-02023-2) by Shing-Tung Yau; Steve Nadis, Basic Books
Honorable Mention: Plato's Parmenides (978-1-930972-71-1) by Arnold Hermann, Parmenides Publishing
Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction: The Last Good War (978-1-59962-085-5) by Photographs by Thomas Sanders, text by Veronica Kavass, Welcome Books
Gold: Across the Great Divide (978-0-8263-4957-6) by Roberta Price, University of New Mexico Press
Silver: The Unexpected Visitor (978-0-9818735-9-6) by Margaret H. Baroody and N. B. Baroody, MD, photographer (illustrator), Joggling Board Press
Bronze: Akule (978-0-915013-55-5) by Wayne Levin, Bess Press, Inc
Honorable Mention: Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand (978-0-300-16901-0) by Malcolm Daniel, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Gold: God, Seed (978-1-893670-47-1) by Lorna Stevens and Rebecca Foust, Tebot Bach Publications
Gold: Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room (978-1-935210-15-3) by Kelli Russell Agodon, White Pine Press
Silver: Complete Physical (978-0-88984-325-7) by Shane Neilson, The Porcupine's Quill
Silver: Walking With Ruskin (978-1-933880-21-1) by Robert Cording, CavanKerry Press
Bronze: Gallowglass (978-1-934103-13-5) by Susan Tichy, Ahsahta Press
Bronze: Phantom Noise (978-1-882295-80-7) by Brian Turner, Alice James Books
Honorable Mention: Kaleidoscope (978-0-88984-331-8) by P. K. Page, The Porcupine's Quill
Political Science
Gold: Brain Gain (978-0-8157-0482-9) by Darrell M. West, Brookings Institution Press
Silver: A Presidency in Peril (978-1-60358-270-4) by Robert Kuttner, Chelsea Green Publishing
Bronze: Skating on Stilts (978-0-8179-1154-6) by Stewart A. Baker, Hoover Institution Press
Honorable Mention: The Myth of the Great Satan (978-0-8179-1134-8) by Abbas Milani, Hoover Institution Press
Gold: The ADHD Effect on Marriage (978-1-886941-97-7) by Melissa Orlov, Specialty Press
Silver: Islands of Genius (978-1-84905-810-0) by Darold A. Treffert, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Bronze: Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior (978-0-7627-5442-7) by Charles W. Hoge, Globe Pequot/GPP Life
Honorable Mention: Humanity on a Tightrope (978-1-4422-0648-9) by Paul R. Ehrlich and Robert E. Ornstein, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Gold: Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (978-1-58826-686-6) by Cheryl A. Rubenberg, editor, Lynne Rienner Publishers
Silver: the Employee Rights Handbook (978-0-9636306-7-4) by Steven Mitchell Sack, Legal Strategies Publications
Bronze: A Color Atlas of Photosynthetic Euglenoids (978-0-87013-879-9) by Richard Triemer and Ionel Ciugulea, Michigan State University Press
Honorable Mention: ERIC II: The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins (978-0-9764664-1-3) by Rasiel Suarez, Dirty Old Books
Gold: Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert (978-0-9841014-3-6) by Michon Mackedon and Peter Goin (photographer), Black Rock Institute Press
Silver: Boneyards (978-0-8143-3353-2) by Richard Bak, Wayne State University Press
Bronze: Purely Alaska (978-1-935347-10-1) by Edited by Susan B. Andrews and John Creed, Epicenter Press
Honorable Mention: Rising From Katrina (978-0-89587-383-5) by Kathleen Koch, John F. Blair, Publisher
Gold: Neighbor (978-0-664-23651-9) by Ben Daniel, Westminster John Knox Press
Silver: Exodus from Hunger (978-0-664-23684-7) by David Beckman, Westminster John Knox Press
Bronze: Walking Gently on the Earth (978-0-8308-3299-6) by Lisa Graham McMinn, Megan Anna Neff, and Kirsten McCammon (illustrator), InterVarsity Press
Honorable Mention: Spiritual Envy (978-1-57731-912-2) by Michael Krasny, New World Library
Gold: Loving a Depressed Man (978-1-934184-36-3) by Douglas Bey, Jr., LaChance Publishing
Silver: The Problem With Money? It's Not About the Money! (978-0-9845020-0-4) by Jane Honeck, Reversing Falls Press
Bronze: Creating a New Normal...After the Death of a Child (978-1-4502-3094-0) by Sandy Fox, iUniverse
Honorable Mention: The Diet Joke (978-0-9823404-1-7) by Lisa Pedace and Timothy Warren (illustrator), Big Shot Press
Social Sciences
Gold: Living in Two Worlds (978-1-933316-76-5) by Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), Edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald, World Wisdom, Inc
Silver: Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet (978-0-8108-6652-2) by Randall Sandke, Scarecrow Press
Bronze: The Guilt Project (978-1-59051-264-7) by Vanessa Place, Other Press
Gold: From Bags to Riches (978-0-925417-68-8) by Jeff Duncan, Acadian House Publishing
Silver: Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu (978-1-59853-071-1) by John Updike, The Library of America
Bronze: A Grouse Hunter's Almanac (978-0-299-24920-5) by Mark Parman, The University of Wisconsin Press
Honorable Mention: Reversing Field (978-1-933202-55-6) by andr douglas pond cummings and Anne Marie Lofaso, West Virginia University Press
Travel Essays
Gold: Across America by Bicycle (978-0-299-24884-0) by Alice Honeywell and Bobbi Montgomery, The University of Wisconsin Press
Silver: The Best Travel Writing 2010 (978-1-932361-73-5) by James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger and Sean O'Reilly, Solas House/Travelers' Tales
Bronze: Over the Top and Back Again (978-0-9770536-2-9) by Brandon Wilson and Brandon Wilson (photographer); Ken Plumb (illustrator) (illustrator), Pilgrim's Tales
Honorable Mention: Glaciers, Bears and Totems (978-1-55017-516-5) by Elsie Hulsizer, Harbour Publishing
Travel Guides
Gold: Indiana: One Pint at a Time (978-0-87195-283-7) by Douglas A. Wissing, Indiana Historical Society Press
Silver: Museum Companion To Los Angeles (978-1-889224-03-9) by Borislav Stanic, Museon Publishing
Bronze: So You Think You Know Gettysburg (978-0-89587-374-3) by James and Suzanne Gindlesperger, John F. Blair, Publisher
Honorable Mention: Green Travel Guide to Southern Wisconsin (978-0-299-23544-4) by Pat Dillon and Lynne Diebel, The University of Wisconsin Press
True Crime
Gold: Command Influence (978-1-4327-5068-8) by Robert A. Shaines, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Silver: Fighting the Devil (978-1-4502-1303-5) by Jeannie Walker, iUniverse
Bronze: Musical Mysteries (978-1-60635-026-3) by Albert Borowitz, The Kent State University Press
Honorable Mention: The Time Of Eddie Noel (978-1-935361-04-6) by Allie Povall, Comfort Publishing
Women's Issues
Gold: Storm of the i:An Artobiography (978-0-9825241-0-7) by Tina Collen, Art Review Press
Silver: America and the Pill (978-0-465-02459-9) by May, Elaine Tyler, Basic Books
Bronze: No One Chose This Journey (978-1-886298-33-0) by Fran Padgett, Bayou Publishing
Honorable Mention: Aspergirls (978-1-84905-826-1) by Rudy Simone
Gold: Writing to Make a Difference (978-0-9788836-0-7) by Dalya F. Massachi, Writing for Community Success
Silver: Writing on the Edge (978-0-8478-3291-0) by Dan Crowe (editor) and Tom Craig (photographer), Rizzoli
Bronze: Trail Writers Guide (978-1-889921-50-1) by Cinny Green and Maureen Burdock (illustrator), Western Edge Press
Honorable Mention: Writing Conversations (978-0-9818756-1-3) by Cheie K. Miller and Holly Miller (illustrator), Wisdom Creek Press, LLC


Juvenile Fiction
Gold: Dear George Clooney (978-0-88776-977-1) by Susin Nielsen, Tundra Books
Silver: Wrush (978-1-934572-38-2) by The Karakul and Danile Ruke (illustrator), Emeral Books
Bronze: Belle Boy (978-0-9827430-1-0) by Anne Fuller, Fuller Minds LLC
Honorable Mention: Lost in Lexicon (978-0-9845250-0-3) by Pendred Noyce, Tumblehome Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
Gold: Talking Tails (978-0-88776-884-2) by Ann Love and Jane Drake and Bill Slavin (illustrator), Tundra Books
Silver: Cyclist BikeList (978-0-88776-784-5) by Laura Robinson and Ramon K. Perez (illustrator), Tundra Books
Bronze: Frozen Secrets (978-1-58013-607-5) by Sally M. Walker, Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing Group
Picture Books
Gold: Jazz Fly 2 (978-1-889910-44-4) by Matthew Gollub and Karen Hanke (illustrator), Tortuga Press
Silver: Cloud Tea Monkeys (978-0-7636-4453-6) by Elspeth Graham, Mal Peet, and Juan Wijngaard (illustrator), Candlewick Press
Bronze: Ruth and the Green Book (978-0-7613-5255-6) by Calvin A. Ramsey and Floyd Cooper (illustrator), Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing Group
Honorable Mention: Horse Indian Wolf (978-0-86713-150-5) by Kathleen V. Kudlinski and Judy Larson (illustrator), Greenwich Workshop Press
Young Adult Fiction
Gold: The Golden Spiral (978-1-60641-635-8) by Lisa Mangum, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Silver: A Blue So Dark (978-0-7387-1926-9) by Holly Schindler, Flux
Bronze: Nonna's Book of Mysteries (978-1-936181-16-2) by Mary Osborne and Rachael McHan (illustrator), Lake Street Press
Honorable Mention: A Good Long Way (978-1-55885-607-3) by Rene Saldana Jr., Arte Público
Young Adult Nonfiction
Gold: Going Blue (978-1-57542-348-7) by Cathryn Berger Kaye and Philippe Cousteau, Free Spirit Publishing
Silver: The Aspie Teen's Survival Guide (978-1-935274-16-2) by J. D. Kraus, Future Horizons
Bronze: Yes You Can! (978-0-88776-942-9) by Jane Drake and Ann Love, Tundra Books
Honorable Mention: Type 1 Teens (978-1-4338-0788-6) by Korey H. Hood and Bryan Ische (illustrator), Magination Press