Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2007 Foreword INDIES Winners

Adult Fiction

Gay & Lesbian
Gold: The Handyman's Reality (978-1-4259-9746-5) by Nick Poff, AuthorHouse
Silver: Naked in the Rain (978-0-9778738-0-7) by Eowyn Wood, Crooked Hills Publishing
Gold: Bloody Jack (978-1-59316-094-4) by L.A. Meyer and narrator: Katherine Kellgren (illustrator), Listen & Live Audio
Gold: Good Night, My Darling (978-1-929355-37-2) by Inger Frimansson, Caravel/Pleasure Boat Studio
Gold: The Brides of March (978-0-595-43987-4) by Beren deMotier, iUniverse
Gold: Watermelon Syrup (978-1-55458-005-7) by Annie Jacobsen, Jane Finlay-Young, and Di Brandt, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Gold: When the Mob Ran Vegas (978-0-9770658-1-3) by Steve Fischer, Berkline Press
Silver: Anima Mundi (978-0-9754444-4-3) by Susanna Tamaro, Autumn Hill Books
Silver: Caspian Rain (978-1-59692-251-8) by Gina B. Nahai, MacAdam/Cage Publishing
Silver: Pontoon (978-1-59887-522-5) by Garrison Keillor; read by the author, HighBridge
Silver: Snippets From the Trenches (978-1-4196-5713-9) by Freda Wagman, BookSurge
Silver: Twinkie, Deconstructed (978-1-59316-099-9) by Steve Ettlinger, Listen & Live Audio, Inc.
Bronze: And Silent Left the Place (978-0-931846-86-1) by Elizabeth Bruce, Washington Writers' Publishing House
Bronze: Away (978-1-59887-521-8) by Amy Bloom; read by Barbara Rosenblat, HighBridge
Bronze: Becoming What You Want to See in the World (978-0-9772566-1-7) by Mary Claire O'Neal, River Birch Publishing
Bronze: El Zarco, The Blue-eyed Bandit (978-0-930829-61-2) by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Helen Lane Editions, Lumen Books
Bronze: Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer Vol 1 (978-1-890834-38-8) by Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry (editor), Palm Drive Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Book of Marie (978-0-88146-082-7) by Terry Kay, Mercer University Press
Gold: Harpsong (978-0-8061-3823-7) by Rilla Askew, University of Oklahoma Press
Silver: Avenging Victorio (978-1-890689-26-1) by Dave DeWitt, Rio Grande Books
Bronze: Turpentine (978-0-8021-7036-1) by Spring Warren, Black Cat
Honorable Mention: Fug 10 (978-1-59663-782-5) by Jay Osman, James A. Rock & Company
Gold: Shadow Faces (978-0-595-39725-9) by Rayce Bannon, iUniverse
Silver: Gabriele Caccini (978-1-4259-6656-0) by Paigan Stone and Alison Kinchuck (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Bronze: Footfalls (978-0-9800821-3-5) by Eddie Gresham, 23rd St Publishing
Editor's Choice Prize Fiction: The Folded World (978-1-59051-248-7) by Amity Gaige, Other Press
Gold: Soucouyant (978-1-55152-226-5) by David Chariandy, Arsenal Pulp Press
Silver: The Amputated Memory (978-1-55861-555-7) by Werewere Liking, The Feminist Press at C.U.N.Y
Bronze: Mercy (978-1-59051-271-5) by Lara Santoro, Other Press
Gold: Stuff to Die For (978-1-933515-10-6) by Don Bruns, Oceanview
Silver: The Castro Gene (978-1-933515-06-9) by Todd Buchholz, Oceanview Publishing
Bronze: Son of the Ripper! (978-0-615-15019-2) by Patrick Glendon McCullough, Lethe Bank Press
Honorable Mention: The Lady from Buenos Aires (978-1-55885-496-3) by John Lantigua, Arte Pblico Press
Gold: Chan Heart, Chan Art (978-1-932293-23-4) by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Gao Ertai (illustrator), and Pu Xiaoyu (illustrator), Buddha's Light Publication
Silver: Demon: A Memoir (978-1-60006-123-3) by Tosca Lee, NavPress
Bronze: Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys (978-1-59955-075-6) by Janet Kay Jensen, Cedar Fort
Gold: Snow Angel (978-0-8054-4533-6) by Jamie Carie, B&H Publishing Group
Silver: The Vengeance Trap (978-0-9787658-1-1) by A.L. Hansen, Axel Hansen, and Linda Hansen, Ophir Publishing
Bronze: Whispers From the Grave (978-0-9716790-5-4) by Kim Murphy, Coachlight Press
Honorable Mention: No Regrets (978-1-4022-1016-7) by Michele Ann Young, Sourcebooks Casablanca
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Gold: Nexus Point (978-0-9726007-3-6) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
Silver: Discipline (978-0-9790842-0-1) by Paco Ahlgren, Greenleaf Book Group
Bronze: Heroes Arise (978-0-9772081-4-2) by Laurel Anne Hill, KOMENAR Publishing
Honorable Mention: Virtual Evil (978-1-896944-76-0) by Jana G. Oliver, Dragon Moon Press
Short Stories
Gold: The Inheritance of Exile (978-0-268-03503-7) by Susan Muaddi Darraj, University of Notre Dame Press
Silver: Eight Dogs Named Jack (978-1-879094-79-6) by Joe Borri (author, illustrator), Momentum Books
Bronze: Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures (978-1-60286-000-1) by Vincent Lam, Weinstein Books
Honorable Mention: Fourteen Stories (978-0-87338-894-8) by Jay Baruch, The Kent State University Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Gold: Instant Karma (978-0-9796255-0-3) by Wayne Sheldrake, Ghost Road Press
Silver: The Fish House Book (978-0-9765890-2-0) by Kathryn Nordstrom, Dovetailed Press
Bronze: Make the Most of Your Time on Earth (978-1-84353-925-4) by Various, Rough Guides
Gold: The World's Best Memoir Writing (978-1-4022-0975-8) by Eve Claxton, Sourcebooks
Silver: Poetry Speaks Expanded (978-1-4022-1062-4) by Elise Paschen and Rebekah Presson Mosby, Sourcebooks MediaFusion
Bronze: Black Scholars on the Line (978-0-268-03080-3) by Edited by Jonathan Scott Holloway and Ben Keppel, University of Notre Dame Press
Gold: China's Sacred Sites (978-0-89389-262-3) by Nan Shunxun and Beverly Foit-Albert, Himalayan Institute Press
Silver: Inspirations from France and Italy (978-1-4236-0205-7) by Betty Lou Phillips, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Gold: The History of Venice in Painting (978-0-7892-0933-7) by Georges Duby and Guy Lobrichon, Abbeville Press
Silver: Poiret (978-1-58839-223-7) by Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bronze: Art of the Classical World in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (978-1-58839-219-0) by Carlos A. Picon, Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Sean Hemingway, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Autobiography & Memoir
Gold: Comfort Food For Breakups (978-1-55152-219-7) by Marusya Bociurkiw, Arsenal Pulp Press
Silver: Giuseppe Panza (978-0-7892-0943-6) by Giuseppe Panza, Abbeville Press
Bronze: Dough: A Memoir (978-0-8203-2934-5) by Mort Zachter, University of Georgia Press
Honorable Mention: Hard Passage (978-0-88864-473-2) by Arthur Kroeger, University of Alberta Press
Gold: Citizen Moore (978-1-57143-163-9) by Roger Rapoport, RDR Books
Silver: Midday with Bunuel (978-0-9748881-3-2) by Claudio Isaac; translated by Bryan T. Scoular, Swan Isle Press
Bronze: The House That Love Built (978-1-57174-546-0) by Bettie B. Youngs, Hampton Roads
Honorable Mention: The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor (978-1-933392-63-9) by Les Leopold, Chelsea Green Publishing
Body, Mind & Spirit
Gold: Mentally Speaking (978-0-9781956-0-1) by Stephen B. Stokl, self
Silver: Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want (978-0-9789606-1-2) by Dale L. Goldstein LCSW and Richard Wehrman (illustrator), Heartwork Institute (self published)
Bronze: The Open-Focus Brain (978-1-59030-376-4) by Les Fehmi, PhD, and Jim Robbins, Trumpeter Books/Shambhala
Honorable Mention: Celestial Gallery (Shelf Edition) (978-1-60109-006-5) by Romio Shrestha (author, illustrator), Mandala Publishing
Business & Economics
Gold: The Speculation Economy (978-1-57675-400-9) by Lawrence E. Mitchell, Berrett-Koehler
Silver: The New Influencers (978-1-884956-65-2) by Paul Gillin, Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press
Bronze: 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers (978-0-8144-0915-2) by Bruce L. Katcher, AMACOM Books
Honorable Mention: Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity (978-0-300-10941-2) by William J. Baumol, et al., Yale University Press
Gold: The New Writer's Handbook 2007 (978-0-9765201-6-0) by Philip Martin (author, editor), Scarletta Press
Silver: A Book is Born (978-1-932279-50-4) by Nancy C. Cleary, Wyatt-MacKenzie
Bronze: Making a Living While Making a Difference (978-0-86571-591-2) by Melissa Everett, New Society Publishers
Gold: Honga's Lotus Petal (978-1-58685-893-3) by Honga Im Hopgood, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Silver: Vegetables (978-0-86730-918-8) by The Culinary Institute of America, Lebhar-Friedman Books
Bronze: Modern Caribbean Cuisine (978-1-56656-653-7) by Wendy Rahamut and Photography: Michael Bonaparte (illustrator), Interlink Books
Honorable Mention: Sober Celebrations (978-1-59624-028-5) by Liz Scott, Cleveland Clinic Press
Crafts & Hobbies
Gold: American Quilts and Coverlets in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (978-0-9797400-0-8) by Amelia Peck, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Silver: The Dancers Book of Ballet Crafts (978-1-58011-353-3) by Christina Aleta Haskin, Creative Homeowner
Bronze: The Ultimate Fashion Study Guide - The Design Process (978-0-9794453-1-6) by Victoria Hunter and Victoria Hunter, Kendall Pata, Linda Wong, Hanya Chang, Angelo Estrada (illustrator), Hunter Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Color Book of Beaded Jewelry (978-1-58011-348-9) by Genevieve Sterbenz, Creative Homeowner
Gold: Teaching the Male Brain (978-1-4129-3663-7) by Abigail Norfleet James, Corwin Press
Silver: Pledging Allegiance (978-0-8077-4750-6) by Joel Westheimer, Editor, Teachers College Press
Bronze: Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids (978-0-8253-0577-1) by Linda Bress Silbert and Alvin J. Silbert, Beaufort Books
Gold: Heat (978-0-89608-779-8) by George Monbiot, South End Press
Silver: Blue Planet Run (978-1-60109-017-1) by Rick Smolan, Earth Aware Editions
Bronze: Moving Mountains (978-0-8131-2441-4) by Penny Loeb, University Press of Kentucky
Honorable Mention: Winning Our Energy Independence (978-1-4236-0156-2) by S. David Freeman, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Gold: The Scenic Route: Stories from the Heartland (978-0-87195-259-2) by Foreword by Frank and Katrina Basile, Indiana Historical Society Press
Silver: The Green Heart of the Tree (978-0-88864-476-3) by A.S. Woudstra, University of Alberta Press
Bronze: The Desert Remembers My Name (978-0-8165-2627-7) by Kathleen Alcala, University of Arizona Press
Family & Relationships
Gold: The Goldfish Went on Vacation (978-1-59030-428-0) by Patty Dann, Trumpeter Books/Shambhala
Silver: The Family Sabbatical Handbook (978-1-887140-69-0) by Elisa Bernick, The Intrepid Traveler
Bronze: Dear Self (978-0-9792281-0-0) by Richelene Mitchell, NID Publishers
Honorable Mention: Hidden in Plain Sight (978-1-889242-29-3) by Barry Grosskopf, VanderWyk and Burnham
Graphic Novels & Comics
Gold: Shortcomings (978-1-897299-16-6) by Adrian Tomine (author, illustrator), Drawn & Quarterly
Silver: Captured By Pirates (978-0-8225-6202-3) by Ron and Justine Fontes, Lerner Publishing Group
Bronze: Mouse Guard (978-1-932386-57-8) by David Petersen (author, illustrator), Archaia Studios Press
Honorable Mention: Let That Bad Air Out (978-0-88984-296-0) by Stefan Berg, Porcupine's Quill
Gold: Straight Talk about Cosmetic Surgery (978-0-300-11999-2) by Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS, Yale University Press
Silver: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (978-1-59921-231-9) by Kris Carr; Foreword by Sheryl Crow, skirt! books
Bronze: The ApoE Gene Diet (978-1-60070-038-5) by Pamela McDonald, Elite Books
Honorable Mention: Changing the Course of Autism (978-1-59181-061-2) by Bryan Jepson, Sentient Publications
Gold: Matters of Exchange (978-0-300-11796-7) by Harold J. Cook, Yale University Press
Silver: The Potomac Canal (978-1-933202-18-1) by Robert J. Kapsch, West Virginia University Press
Bronze: A Land So Strange (978-0-465-06840-1) by Andres Resendez, Basic Books
Honorable Mention: Bound Together (978-0-300-11201-6) by Nayan Chanda, Yale University Press
Home & Garden
Gold: Perennial Vegetables (978-1-931498-40-1) by Eric Toensmeier, Chelsea Green Publishing
Silver: Can't Fail Color Schemes (978-1-58011-366-3) by Amy Wax, Creative Homeowner
Bronze: The Complete Pool Manual for Homeowners and Professionals (978-1-60138-022-7) by Dan Hardy, Atlantic Publishing Company
Gold: The Women's Daily Irony Supplement (978-0-9749610-4-0) by Judy Gruen, Creative Minds Press
Silver: A Broad Abroad in Thailand (978-1-885614-75-9) by Dodie Cross and Ernie Towler (illustrator), FourWaysWest-CrossRoads Publications
Bronze: Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? (978-1-4022-0845-4) by Allyson Beatrice, Sourcebooks
Honorable Mention: Life in the Fast Brain (978-0-910707-82-4) by Karen Isaacson, Great Potential Press
Gold: A History of American Classical Music (978-1-4022-1067-9) by Barrymore Scherer, Sourcebooks MediaFusion
Silver: The Reggae Scrapbook (978-1-933784-23-6) by Roger Steffens, Insight Editions
Bronze: Essential Song (978-0-88920-459-1) by Lynn Whidden, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Honorable Mention: Elgar the Music Maker (978-1-84383-295-9) by Diana McVeagh, Boydell & Brewer
Gold: Operation Orca (978-1-55017-426-7) by Daniel Francis and Gil Hewlett, Harbour Publishing
Silver: Amazing Rare Things (978-0-300-12547-4) by David Attenborough, Susan, Owens, Martin Clayton, & Rea Alexandratos, Yale University Press
Bronze: Ladybugs of Alberta (978-0-88864-381-0) by John Acorn (author, illustrator), University of Alberta Press
Gold: Dr. Susan's Kids-Only Weight Loss Guide (978-0-9721502-1-7) by Susan Bartell and Susan S. Bartell, Parent Positive Press
Silver: Is This A Phase? (978-1-884734-63-2) by Helen F. Neville, R.N., B.S. and Jenny Williams (illustrator), Parenting Press
Bronze: Food Fights (978-1-58110-244-4) by Laura A. Jana and Jennifer Shu, American Academy of Pediatrics
Honorable Mention: Fathering Your School-Age Child (978-0-7892-0923-8) by Armin A. Brott, Abbeville Press
Performing Arts
Gold: Hairspray (978-1-933784-38-0) by Diana Landau and David James (illustrator), Insight Editions
Silver: From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors (978-1-55404-426-9) by Marilyn Peake (Editor), Double Dragon Publishing
Bronze: Ira Aldridge (978-1-58046-258-7) by Bernth Lindfors, editor, University of Rochester Press
Gold: The Da Vinci Dog (978-1-59543-631-3) by Paul Amelchenko, Willow Creek Press
Silver:'s California and the West (978-0-9718742-7-5) by Tara and Len Kain,
Bronze: For Pet's Sake Do Something! - Book Two (978-0-9713812-9-2) by Dr. Monica Diedrich, Two Paws Up Press (self)
Gold: What Would Jesus Deconstruct? (978-0-8010-3136-6) by John D. Caputo, Baker Academic (A division of Baker Publishing Group)
Silver: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? (978-0-465-00499-7) by Leszek Kolakowski, Basic Books
Bronze: Image and Paradigm in Plato's Sophist (978-1-930972-04-9) by David Ambuel, Parmenides Publishing
Gold: Aquatique (978-1-933784-17-5) by Brian Oglesbee, Insight Editions
Silver: Impressed by Light (978-0-300-12405-7) by Roger Taylor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bronze: Michael Rockefeller (978-0-87365-806-5) by Kevin Bubriski, Peabody Museum Press
Gold: Beloved Idea (978-1-882295-65-4) by Ann Killough, Alice James Books
Silver: Undid in the Land of Undone (978-1-930974-72-2) by Lee Upton, New Issues Press
Bronze: The Glass Age (978-1-882295-60-9) by Cole Swensen, Alice James Books
Honorable Mention: We Aren't Who We Are and This World Isn't Either (978-1-933880-04-4) by Christine Korfhage, CavanKerry
Political Science
Gold: Blackwater (978-1-56025-979-4) by Jeremy Scahill, Nation Books
Silver: A Stupid, Unjust, and Criminal War (978-1-57075-732-7) by Andrew Greeley, Orbis Books
Bronze: Bulldozed (978-1-59403-193-9) by Carla Main, Encounter Books
Honorable Mention: Message Control (978-0-7425-5462-7) by Elizabeth A. Skewes, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Popular Culture
Gold: The Hanna-Barbera Treasury (978-1-933784-28-1) by Jerry Beck, Insight Editions
Silver: Alex Raymond (978-1-886937-78-9) by Tom Roberts and Alex Raymond (illustrator), Adventure House
Bronze: The Beatles Swan Song (978-0-9662649-7-5) by Bruce Spizer, 498 Productions
Gold: Perilous Rapture (978-0-8356-0850-3) by Stephen Larsen, Quest Books
Silver: Nature and the Human Soul (978-1-57731-551-3) by Bill Plotkin, New World Library
Bronze: The Rough Guide to the Brain (978-1-84353-664-2) by Barry Gibb, Rough Guides
Honorable Mention: The Genie in Your Genes (978-1-60070-022-4) by Dawson Church, Elite Books
Gold: Rienner Anthology of African Literature (978-1-58826-491-6) by Anthonia C. Kalu, Lynne Rienner Publishers
Silver: The Elements of Internet Style (978-1-58115-492-4) by The Editors of EEI Press, EEI Press copublished with Allworth Press
Bronze: Contracts Companion for Writers (978-0-9674579-8-7) by Tonya M. Evans-Walls, Legal Write Publications
Honorable Mention: Authoritative Guide to Lionel's Promotional Outfits 1960-1969 (978-1-933600-03-1) by John W. Schmid, Project Roar Publishing
Gold: Mapping in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region (978-0-87013-807-2) by David I. Macleod, Michigan State University Press
Silver: The Great Lakes (978-1-55365-197-0) by Wayne Grady, Greystone Books
Bronze: Thriving in the Shadows (978-0-9760963-8-2) by Fannie Flono, Novello Festival Press
Gold: Prescribing Faith (978-1-932792-89-8) by Claire Hoertz Badaracco, Baylor University Press
Silver: The Essential Shinran (978-1-933316-21-5) by Alfred Bloom, World Wisdom, Inc.
Bronze: A Jesuit Off-Broadway (978-0-8294-2582-6) by James Martin, SJ, Loyola Press
Gold: Sound Health, Sound Wealth (978-1-4243-2391-3) by Luanne Oakes, Nightingale Conant
Silver: Final Conversations (978-1-889242-30-9) by Maureen P. Keeley, PhD and Julie M. Yingling, VanderWyk & Burnham
Bronze: Forty Things To Do When You Turn Forty (978-1-56906-986-8) by Edited by Ronnie Sellers - a compilation of 40 authors., Sellers Publishing
Honorable Mention: Life After Deployment (978-0-9657483-7-7) by Karen M Pavlicin, Elva Resa / Elva Resa Publishing
Gold: Taliaferro (978-0-253-34931-6) by Dawn Knight, Indiana University Press
Silver: Knockout (978-1-933784-31-1) by Ken Regan, Insight Editions
Bronze: Desert Journeys (978-0-9799800-0-8) by Jerry Rosen, Jerry Rosen
Honorable Mention: The Fishing Handbook (978-1-56906-992-9) by Rob Beattie and Matt Pagett (illustrator), Sellers Publishing
Travel Essays
Gold: Far Afield (978-1-59921-144-2) by S.L. Price, The Lyons Press
Silver: Travels With Van Gogh and the Impressionists (978-0-7892-0932-0) by Lin Arison and Photographs by Neil Folberg (illustrator), Abbeville Press
Bronze: Javatrekker (978-1-933392-70-7) by Dean Cycon, Chelsea Green Publishing
Honorable Mention: Searching For Thoreau (978-1-884592-44-7) by Tom Slayton, Images from the Past
Travel Guides
Gold: China's Sacred Sites (978-0-89389-262-3) by Nan Shunxun and Beverly Foit-Albert, Himalayan Institute Press
Silver: Yosemite: The Complete Guide (978-0-9678904-7-0) by James Kaiser, Destination Press
Bronze: The Rough Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton (978-1-84353-662-8) by Stephen Timblin, Rough Guides
Honorable Mention: A Traveller's Wine Guide to France (978-1-56656-624-7) by Christopher Fielden with Jim Budd, Interlink Books
True Crime
Gold: Fall (978-0-88282-279-2) by Ron Franscell, New Horizon Press
Silver: The Murder of Mary Bean and Other Stories (978-0-87338-918-1) by Elizabeth A. De Wolfe, The Kent State University Press
Bronze: A Murder in Our Town (978-1-58348-297-1) by Arthur Herzog, iUniverse
Honorable Mention: Gangsters of Harlem (978-1-56980-318-9) by Ron Chepesiuk, Barricade Books
Women's Issues
Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction: Women of Courage (978-1-4236-0253-8) by Katherine Kiviat and Scott Heidler, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Gold: Taking on the Big Boys (978-1-55861-545-8) by Ellen Bravo, The Feminist Press at C.U.N.Y
Silver: Reflections in a Critical Eye: Essays on Carson McCullers (978-0-7618-3894-4) by Jan Whitt, University Press of America
Bronze: This Is Not the Life I Ordered (978-1-57324-305-6) by Deborah Collins Stephens, Deborah Collins Stephens Jackie Speier Michealene Cristini Risley Jan Yanehiro, Jackie Speier, Jan Yanehiro, and Michealene Christini Risley, Conari Press
Gold: The Author's Guide to Planning Book Events (978-1-58348-476-0) by Carol Hoenig, iUniverse
Silver: Writing for Life (978-0-9792718-0-9) by John D. Bessler, Bottlecap Books
Bronze: The Writer Within You (978-0-9793636-0-3) by Charles Jacobs, Caros Books


Juvenile Fiction
Gold: Eye of the Crow (978-0-88776-850-7) by Shane Peacock, Tundra Books
Silver: Forever Home (978-1-59624-080-3) by Sandra J. Philipson and Jenny Campbell (illustrator), Cleveland Clinic Press/Chagrin River Publishing Co.
Bronze: Two Moon Princess (978-1-933718-12-5) by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, Tanglewood
Honorable Mention: Seeing Sky - Blue Pink (978-0-8225-7142-1) by Candice Ransom, Lerner Publishing Group
Juvenile Nonfiction
Gold: Michelangelo's World (978-1-56846-167-0) by J. Patrick Lewis, Creative Editions, an imprint of The Creative Company
Silver: The Discovery and Mystery of a Dinosaur Named Jane (978-0-7660-2730-5) by Judith Williams, Enslow Publishers
Bronze: Who Pooped in the Zoo? San Diego Zoo (978-1-56037-421-3) by Caroline Patterson and Robert Rath (illustrator), Farcountry Press
Honorable Mention: So Said Ben (978-1-56846-147-2) by Michael McCurdy (author, illustrator), Creative Editions, an imprint of The Creative Company
Picture Books
Gold: Lily and the Paper Man (978-1-897187-19-7) by Rebecca Upjohn and Renne Benoit (illustrator), Second Story Press
Silver: Chester (978-1-55453-140-0) by Melanie Watt, Kids Can Press
Bronze: Mrs. Marlowe's Mice (978-1-55453-022-9) by Frank Asch and Devin Asch (illustrator), Kids Can Press
Honorable Mention: The Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog (978-0-87483-808-4) by Margaret Read MacDonald and Julie Paschkis (illustrator), August House LittleFolk
Young Adult Fiction
Gold: Northlander (978-0-9768126-8-5) by Meg Burden, Brown Barn Books
Silver: Per-Bast (978-0-9781793-0-4) by Lara-Dawn Stiegler, Freya Publishing
Bronze: Bifocal (978-1-55455-036-4) by Deborah Ellis and Eric Walters, Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Honorable Mention: The Night Wanderer (978-1-55451-099-3) by Drew Hayden Taylor, Annick Press
Young Adult Nonfiction
Gold: Healing Our World (978-1-55041-565-0) by David Morley, Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Silver: The Secret of Priest's Grotto (978-1-58013-260-2) by Peter Lane Taylor and Christos Nicola and Photos by Peter Lane Taylor and Christos Nicola (illustrator), Kar-Ben Publishing
Bronze: Out of Line (978-0-88776-803-3) by Tina Grimberg, Tundra Books
Honorable Mention: The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook (978-0-9792531-2-6) by Dilara Hafiz, Imran Hafiz, & Yasmine Hafiz, Acacia Publishing