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Book Review

The Pruning

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

A woman who longs for belonging navigates the perils of romance and religion in Ora Murphy’s engrossing novel. In Ora Murphy’s novel "The Pruning", a woman searches for love and religious belonging. Ruth, a single mom of three,... Read More

Book Review

Seeing Clearly

by Matt Sutherland

Of the many positive things to say about Buddhism, the most meaningful may be that Buddhists readily admit that life is very, very hard. By facing that fact head on, rather than denying or ignoring it, Buddhists can quickly get on with... Read More

Book Review


by Jeff Fleischer

That climbing Mount Everest is a risky and dangerous endeavor is well known, but never has that been more true than it was in April of 2015, when a massive earthquake struck Nepal, resulting in the deadliest day so far on the mountain.... Read More

Book Review

Sign Here If You Exist

by Rebecca Foster

Naturalist Jill Sisson Quinn’s essay collection "Sign Here If You Exist" concerns connection and change in relation to both the self and the world at large. As an environmental educator in Wisconsin, Quinn taught that everything is... Read More

Book Review

One Left

by Mari Carlson

In Kim Soom’s novel "One Left", an elderly woman recalls her experience in a Manchurian comfort station during the Pacific War. The main character, referred to as “she,” is taken away from her home at the age of thirteen, believing... Read More

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