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Book Review

Bedtime for Bo

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Deep into twilight, imaginative Bo is enjoying himself too much to want to wind down and get ready for sleep. His mother makes him dinner and draws a bath; they exchange thoughts about all the ways that other animals doze. Oh-oh!: here... Read More

Book Review

These Dark Skies

by Eileen Gonzalez

Arianne Zwartjes reckons with her unwitting, unwilling role in historical global power struggles in "These Dark Skies". Growing up as a white American, Zwartjes never had to think much about her privileged position on the world stage.... Read More

Book Review

Acts of Atonement

by Eileen Gonzalez

In S. W. Leicher’s novel "Acts of Atonement", a lesbian couple deals with mental illness, cultural isolation, and unexpected reunions. Serach grew up Jewish; Paloma is Colombian American. The women built a wonderful life together after... Read More

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