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Book Review

Streets of Tears

by Karen Rigby

In the historical novel Streets of Tears, a Viennese family chooses to align with the Nazis, but it’s a decision that haunts their future. In Larry J. Hilton’s historical novel "Streets of Tears", a Viennese family supports Hitler... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the compelling mob thriller "Carlotti", a grieving man sets out to solve his mother’s murder. In David Dalrymple’s intriguing thriller "Carlotti", a plastic surgeon digs into his mother’s suspicious death while trying to avoid... Read More

Book Review

By the Tale of the Dragonfly

by Mari Carlson

In its inquisitive and positive accounts of world traveling, the historical novel "By the Tale of the Dragonfly" follows a former soldier living life on his own terms in the wake of WWII. In Vincent Hancock’s historical novel "By the... Read More

Book Review

The Musician

by Delia Stanley

"The Musician" is an intimate novel that takes place in the spaces where art and madness overlap. In Douglas Gardham’s novel "The Musician", a gifted performer attempts to outrun his past, only to find it catching up with him when he... Read More

Book Review

On Wings of a Lion

by Wendy Hinman

"On Wings of a Lion" is an exciting historical romance set during the Iranian Revolution. Susan Wakeford Angard’s thrilling historical romance "On Wings of a Lion" unfolds amid heart-pumping action in revolutionary Iran. In 1978,... Read More

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