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Book Review

Recovering You

by Aimee Jodoin

Steven Washington’s tender text "Recovering You" merges traditional and modern practices into a holistic approach to recovering from addiction. Trained in traditional Chinese medicine, Washington used qigong, a system of movements and... Read More

Book Review


by Eric Patterson

“We make a lot of mistakes, and often we take the wrong path,” writes Oscar Farinetti in "Serendipity", a whirlwind book of forty-eight essays that tour some of the best culinary mistakes to grace humanity’s palate, from Barolo... Read More

Book Review

Conversations with Birds

by Kristine Morris

In the luminous essays of Priyanka Kumar’s "Conversations with Birds", birds are a portal to reclaiming childhood connections with nature and the lush, wild landscape of northern India’s remote mountains. Torn from her roots by a... Read More

Book Review

Together We Decide

by Aimee Jodoin

"Together We Decide" is an insightful social science book that balances practical and ideological advice for successful group decision-making. Arguing that achieving consensus, while difficult, is the most effective method of making... Read More

Book Review

The Panacea Project

by Gabriella Harrison

"The Panacea Project" is an enthralling medical thriller that lays bare the battle between greed and sacrifice in the struggle to eradicate cancer. Catherine Devore Johnson’s medical thriller "The Panacea Project" depicts what a cure... Read More

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