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Book Review

Space Forces

by Joseph S. Pete

Fred Scharmen’s "Space Forces" charts the history of ideas about space travel and living in outer space. What do interplanetary aspirations say about societies, and what ramifications does space exploration have back on Earth? From the... Read More

Book Review

Abraham's Silence

by Jeremiah Rood

J. Richard Middleton’s impressive theological text considers how best to talk to God about human suffering and injustice. Exploring two pivotal biblical stories—those of Abraham and Job—to consider human communication with God, the... Read More

Book Review

Perfect Dirt

by Ashley Holstrom

Keegan Lester’s lyrical memoir "Perfect Dirt" concerns what and where “home” really is. The narrative, composed of poetic vignettes, zips between Lester’s childhood in California, his creative tour across West Virginia, his work... Read More

Book Review

Our Oldest Companions

by Rebecca Foster

In "Our Oldest Companions", Pat Shipman delves into the history of canine domestication, marveling that dogs have chosen to associate with humans. Focusing on coevolution and the dingoes of Australia, she illuminates “how mutually... Read More

Book Review

Sky Rider

by Michelle Anne Schingler

At a time when the West was still wild, an aspiring businessman opened a daring new travelling attraction, with gas balloons capable of carrying humans into the sky. He broke records across the West and, eventually, the world. His feats... Read More

Book Review

Drowned Town

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

In western Kentucky, towns along the Cumberland River were replaced by Lake Barkley during a dam project. Residents were told “their sacrifice was for the public good.” Jayne Moore Waldrop’s novel "Drowned Town" is about what they... Read More

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