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Book Review

The Last Sword Maker

by John M. Murray

A terrifying vision of future warfare in the vein of Tom Clancy’s and Michael Crichton’s novels, Brian Nelson’s "The Last Sword Maker" follows a horrific outbreak in Tibet that proves to be a targeted weapons test—one that... Read More

Book Review

The Molecule of More

by Rebecca Foster

Dopamine has a lot to answer for. First discovered in 1957, it is variously known as “the pleasure molecule” and “the reward circuit.” In "The Molecule of More", an excellent work of wide-ranging popular science, Daniel Z.... Read More

Book Review

Hard Cider

by Meg Nola

In Barbara Stark-Nemon’s "Hard Cider", a midlife desire to pursue a dream comes to literal fruition—but not without persistence, resistance, and research. Abbie Rose Stone is a wife of thirty years, a mother, and a true lover of the... Read More

Book Review

Madame Victoria

by Susan Waggoner

"Madame Victoria" is an imaginative, haunting, and insightful examination of the lives of women. Shortly after the millennium, a skeleton is discovered on the grounds of Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital. It is identified as having... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

In "DeadEndia", author and animator Hamish Steele introduces the bizarre, fun, and dangerous world of the PollyWood Theme Park—specifically, the scare ride–slash–supernatural portal called Dead End. Steele has been publishing... Read More

Book Review

Quantum Consciousness

by Kristine Morris

These days, the “veil” between the unseen and seen worlds is becoming thinner. It has to, according to author, researcher, and founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness Peter Smith, because its existence is based on a belief... Read More

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