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Zero Gravity

2017 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Young Adult Fiction (Children's)

In the not-so-distant future, the moon is moving away from the earth, and gravity is losing its grip on the planet. Zero Gravity is a sharp, speculative novel that follows a family’s journey to safety as the laws of nature, one by one, cease to apply.

Adam Weaver is “a target that no one could miss.” When reports of zero-gravity pockets start cropping up, his classmates congratulate him on already being too fat to float away.

Adam’s weight is less of an asset than his quick thinking. As zero-gravity conditions spread, he and his family must find a way to keep their feet on the ground. Thanks to a ham-radio connection, the Weavers hear about a conspiracy theory: that NASA has built a zero-gravity ark, an office building that is designed to float away when zero gravity reaches totality. “Arkies,” as they’re called, believe that the NASA vessel is close to capacity. The Weavers intend to be on it when it sails.

Their adventure is fabulous, a cotton-candy Mad Max-infused quest. From snack-food-crazed alligators to a weather cult wearing tin-foil helmets, Zero Gravity is packed with incredible, hilarious imagery, characters, and landscapes. As the apocalypse creeps slowly on, the rules of society cease to apply. Zoo animals roam free, along with crazed televangelists and even some of the bullies from Adam’s school.

Adam is a strong main character who grounds the plot in reality. His struggle to contend with the changes in his family and in himself are mirrored in the topsy-turvy world around him. The zero-gravity crisis alludes to natural disasters that come from climate change, but the novel’s deeper themes are self-discovery and finding balance.

Zero Gravity is author Tom LaMarr’s first YA novel, and hopefully not his last. This humorous, vivid novel is fast-paced, smart, and surreal—perfect for floating the hours away.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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