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The Secret's Secret

Unlocking the Secrets to True Health and Happiness

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret became an American bestseller; in this new take on the concept of an esoteric path to health and happiness, Turkish self-help author, scholar, and business magnate Özer Uçuran Çiller seeks to amplify and explain Bryne’s principles, unlocking the secret of The Secret and making it accessible to even more readers worldwide.

The secret here referenced is simple, but found to be profound in practice: like attracts like. If you want something, you must make yourself a magnet for the desired object by resonating (Çiller’s proposition) the object within your being. Thus, according to Çiller, resonance is the secret’s secret.

The idea of like attracting like is not new: as the author points out, it has links to the Holy Bible (“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”). It is reminiscent of French psychologist Emilé Coué’s mantra, “everyday in every way, I’m getting better and better,” and Norman Vincent Peale’s “power of positive thinking.”

Çiller’s book rings all the changes in New Age thinking, taking such concepts as auras, philo-physics, infoseuticals, and telekinesis as givens in the pursuit of mental and physical well-being. In writing about bodily health, for example, he informs us in authoritative language that we actually have three bodies (physical, emotional, and mental) that are interlinked. He therefore advises maintaining positive mental images to promote physical health: “The first steps we can take to ensure equilibrium are to construct affirmative, attractive mental models and then turn them into words.”

Despite the sometimes ponderous New Age terminology, the author’s rules for maintaining physical health are indisputable in any realm: consume a balanced diet, get sufficient physical activity, drink enough water, etc. Similarly, The Secret’s Secret suggests a range of generally accepted strategies for dealing with emotional/psychological health: have confidence, concentrate calmly and intently on the problem, generate different solutions and compare them, focus on a giving attitude, avoid blame, be at peace with yourself. Thus we are assured that though some of the author’s ideas may be outside the sphere of ordinarily accepted science, his advice will not be harmful. Anyone who picks up this book looking for guidance in solving problems, the capacity to feel better, and to make one’s life more productive will find a plethora of excellent ideas here.

The true heart of the secret of the secret is that resonance requires that we love ourselves. Only if we love ourselves can we generate self-actualizing messages that lead us to positive goals. Çiller states: “For affirmation to be truly effective, it is vitally important for the individual to be charged with high energy and the necessary methodology and the power of love to achieve this.”

Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott

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