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The Leader Launchpad

Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Featuring concrete, actionable techniques, The Leader Launchpad is a complete guide for accelerating businesses’ growth.

Drawing upon real-world wisdom and proven techniques, Howard M. Shore’s leadership manual The Leader Launchpad suggests ways of supercharging businesses’ growth.

Consultations with numerous clients who faced the same issue—stagnation despite growth potential—and who desired increased profits prompted Shore to develop this five-step process that’s aimed at lifting business owners above their day-to-day grinds so that they can focus on developing their businesses at a higher level. His book is a practical, actionable guide for promoting growth and stimulating profits. It focuses on business owners’ self-improvement before expanding to consider employee management, team cohesion, and fostering business cultures that promote accountability.

The text builds upon concepts and techniques introduced in a previous book to identify and repair the issues and obstacles that drain businesses and stifle their potential. After addressing these common issues, the book presents focused strategies, including ones that address team dysfunction, those useful for developing business cultures, and some leading to proper planning. These are organized in a way that considers stewardship, human capital management, strategy, planning, and accountability.

The book moves between its topics well, recapping necessary preceding information with speed and introducing next topics in a fluid way, framed by concise bulleted points. It maintains a balance between detailed explanations, real-world examples, and specific techniques. Graphs and charts are used to expand upon central concepts, while infographics centered on the book’s trademarked Business Acceleration System supplement the material, their presentations concise and engaging.

The book’s overarching concepts will be familiar to executives, but its particular techniques for initiating and encouraging business acceleration make this a fresher, concise collection of logical action items, with refreshing suggestions for strengthening communications between teams and managers, narrowing target markets, and managing human assets in an effective manner. Each of the book’s five steps, and the trademarked concepts that support them, are explained in thorough terms.

The book’s professional tone further strengthens the credibility of its concepts, steps, and methods, while its real-world examples, drawn from successful client stories, make its suggestions appealing. The use of subheading questions encourages audience engagement, as does Shore’s easygoing offer of direct communication with his audience through email or via his website.

Featuring concrete, actionable techniques, The Leader Launchpad is a complete guide for motivated business owners who are looking to accelerate their businesses’ growth.

Reviewed by John M. Murray

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